The Perfect Balance: Keeping Work and Personal Data Safe and Secure


465491289(1)The battle to deploy BYOD or COPE inside companies is now keeping CIOs and IT managers awake at night with nightmares of data leakage, system hacks and malware viruses. What started as a strategy to keep employees happy with devices and applications they actually want to use has evolved into an overwhelming problem for IT departments across the globe.
On one hand IT needs to be able to keep devices secure and have the ability to wipe one that is lost, stolen or compromised. On the other, employees don’t want their managers peeking into their notes, locations, or wiping their beloved photos if a breach is detected. Thankfully, BlackBerry Balance is here to save the day and keep smiles on everyone’s faces.

Keep Work and Personal Separate

BlackBerry Balance is a cutting edge solution that creates separate containers on BlackBerry 10 smartphones – one for work and one for personal use. It prevents data from being transferred from one container to the other. With BlackBerry Balance, employees are free to use their smartphone as they please without compromising corporate data. When it’s time to work, an end-user can simply switch to the work container to access the emails and files they need, which is controlled by IT to keep security in check. Data from the work or personal containers can’t be transferred to the other so employees can carry one device that meets all of their needs and rest assured that their company isn’t spying into their personal lives. IT can avoid rogue BYOD incidents, encourage mobile productivity, and securely manage devices without privacy concerns from employees.
Keep Everyone Happy

BlackBerry Balance is naturally built into every BlackBerry 10, hence the reason why some workers would rather have their BlackBerry back to make their work lives easier. But don’t fret, BlackBerry Balance can also safely manage Android and iOS devices for businesses using BES 10.
So what you are waiting for? If safety, security and a happy workforce are your top concerns, BlackBerry Balance is the only solution designed to keep everything in harmony.

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