Five Ways that BES12 Ushers in a New Era of Mobility Management


It’s time to pump up enterprise mobility management (EMM).

Since the advent of BYOD, IT departments have had time to do little more than catch their breaths. Accommodating the steady flow of mobile endpoints into the enterprise – both corporate issued and employee owned – has increased complexity and pushed IT into a defensive posture, where it has remained for much of the past few years.

It’s impossible to overstate the importance of making sure that a diversity of mobile endpoints has access to corporate information without compromising security or user experience. But while IT has been busy reacting to an influx of smartphones and tablets, more meaningful mobility management tasks have been neglected or taken up by so-called shadow IT entities. Those tasks include:

• The mobilization of existing business processes and meaningful mobile app development
• Mobile app life cycle management
• Modern content enablement and protection
• Boosting employee productivity and collaboration to new levels
• Increasing the agility of the overall business

Reactive Management

The main reason IT has been stuck in reactive mode for the past few years is the narrow focus of most EMM solutions, which were created to tackle BYOD management issues and have progressed little since their introductions.

If enterprises are to realize the full business-transforming effects of enterprise mobility they will require a future-focused EMM solution that possesses the following capabilities.

Centralized Command and Control
Organizations require an EMM capable of supporting multiple device ownership policies at once, from BYOD to Corporate-Owned, Personally Enabled (COPE) to Corporate-Owned, Business-Only (COBO) – all from a single console.

Multi-OS Support
Enterprises will increasingly rely on a diversity of devices and operating environments to help employees reach maximum productivity. A future-focused EMM solution must be capable of managing the entire endpoint universe from a single administration console.

Modern Mobile App Management
Given the growing importance of mobile apps, comprehensive lifecycle management of apps across iOS, Android, Windows Phone and BlackBerry devices is imperative.

End-to-end Security
With cybersecurity incidents on the rise, an EMM solution built on a solid and secure foundation is required to protect corporate information wherever it resides, from devices to behind-the-firewall resources and all points in between.

Back-End Integration
A modern EMM solution must be tightly integrated with enterprise directories, including Active Directory, for automated management of users and groups, as well as hands-free mobile app management

Introducing BES12

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Committed to ushering in a new era of mobility management, yesterday BlackBerry introduced BES12, a cross-platform EMM solution by BlackBerry, designed to fulfil all of the requirements of a modern, future-focused EMM solution.

BES12 lets you manage enterprise mobility across iOS, Android™, Windows Phone® and BlackBerry® devices. Built on BlackBerry’s trusted, global network, BES12 brings new levels of security and efficiency to enterprise mobility.

In addition, BES12 consolidates EMM control into a single, powerful console. A new attribute-driven, endpoint-permissions model gives IT admins strict control of devices, applications and data — by person or group — more efficiently than ever. Employees keep their personal data private, while never compromising confidential business data.

Whether your businesses restricts mobile access to a single, tightly controlled smartphone, or supports loosely managed, multi-OS BYOD policies, BES12 provides complete control over the availability and usage of devices, apps, activities and mission-critical data in your network.


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