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For years, BlackBerry has provided customers with top notch, industry-leading technical support. That won’t ever change. But we are making some important changes to ensure our enterprise customers have exactly the help they need, in all the ways they want it. We’ll be blogging about these updates soon.

For right now, I want to let you know about several new service programs – additions to what we offer today.

BES12 Professional Services

We’ve always offered services that go far beyond traditional break-fix support, from change management to tech-to-site dispatching. So it shouldn’t be a shock that our portfolio is expanding to include more than just technical support.

After all, our history and roots are in helping customers operate business- and mission-critical deployments, whatever it takes.

With the introduction of BES12, we’re ensuring that our customers have access to the support and services they need to be successful.

We understand that resources are tight. And while an organization may have the skills to perform planning, installations, and migrations on their own, finding the time to do so may be the real challenge.

With that in mind, BlackBerry is introducing three new implementation services that extend beyond traditional support to ensure customers that need an additional helping hand have access to the services they need.

BES12 Planning Services

We’ll help create a technical plan, and architecture diagram, customized to your environment. Large companies with complex environments might request an expert eye to ensure that their BES12 deployment will go smoothly and to ensure they take advantage of new features, while small customers may need more hands-on guidance because their IT guru is doing more than just BlackBerry Enterprise Server administration.

BES12 Remote Installation

We’ll help create the plan, and then remote into your environment to install BES12. Once BES12 is installed, BlackBerry will leverage your test devices to ensure services are up and running, so you can migrate users at your own pace.

BES12 Migration

Finally, for those customers who seem to have an endless number of IT projects in flight, we’re offering a full BES12 migration service. Post-installation, we’ll also help with the migration of users from a previous BlackBerry environment or competitive1 EMM solution to BES12.

BlackBerry Partner Support Services

In addition to this new suite of services, we’re working with partners to ensure our customers have access to a broad offering of BlackBerry-backed services.

By engaging our partners, you can tap in to local help and niche expertise, and you can consolidate service vendors so you have less to manage.

Our teams have been working with partners to ensure that they become BlackBerry-certified and complete the necessary requirements which give them access to senior-level analysts at BlackBerry. That way, you can rest assured that if you’re working with an authorized BlackBerry Service Provider, your partner has access to BlackBerry for troubleshooting if they run into a scenario that they can’t resolve on their own.

We’ll be posting a follow-up on the BlackBerry Partner Support Services program in the near future, so stay tuned.

Have an idea for a new service that you’d love to see BlackBerry offer? Sound off in the comments below.


  1. BES4/5, BES10, BlackBerry Mobile Fusion, Exchange Active Sync,Lotus Traveler, MobileIron, Good regardless of the connected mail platform (Domino, Exchange, GroupWise) or the infrastructure (on premise, cloud solution). Please call about Sybase Afaria, and AirWatch.


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