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There’s a tectonic shift going on. The mobility landscape is changing the way companies do business every day.

With this change, companies are seeing new challenges on a regular basis while IT tries to satisfy all the needs of various lines of business.

Picture this: The sales department wants a custom application that they can use on their iPad to help them quote sales; the marketing department wants all employees to have access to a Fast Facts app so that they are prepared to talk to the company’s value proposition everywhere they go; the Travel team wants to ensure that they are optimizing cellular rate plans when employees travel, and IT Procurement is trying to manage many mobility vendor relationships; from Carriers, to EMM providers, to Hardware OEMs.

To say that this is all that IT Departments are dealing with would be an understatement.

BlackBerry Offers Great Solutions…

We know that the BlackBerry Solution helps IT departments wrap their arms around mobility through the cross-platform management, app management, and other features that BES12 offers. BES12 can manage the apps that sales and marketing wants, and it can even help protect the data in those apps. It can also manage all of the devices that employees are using when they travel.

What about everything else?

BlackBerry’s award-winning support organization is a great starting point for customers who need assistance when managing, running, and enhancing their mobility solution. Customers with a BlackBerry Technical Support Services subscription can access around-the-clock support for inquiries and assistance for any of their projects that involve BlackBerry software. The BlackBerry Technical Support Services Program offers more than just technical support. BlackBerry creates long term business relationships with our customers to ensure that we have a deep technical understanding of your environment so that we can provide the very best support experience possible.

But, mobility initiatives are not slowing down anytime soon! We’re seeing more and more customers look to third parties to take on some of their mobility projects – and we have a huge ecosystem of partners who can help.

…But the Support Doesn’t Stop There

To make it easier for customers to choose vendors to work with, BlackBerry has introduced the BlackBerry Partner Support Services program for partners who participate in the BlackBerry ecosystem by offering their own unique products and value added services. We see the value that these partners add to the BlackBerry solution, so we work to ensure that they have access to the support resources and tools they need to grow their business and support their customers. Partners in this program must maintain BlackBerry Certification levels and maintain customer satisfaction levels.


Need a Managed Service Provider to take on some of your Mobility Management? Need a telecom expense management provider? Perhaps your support teams across the globe need access to local language support resources.

When you are working with a member of the BlackBerry Partner Support Services Program, your Provider has access to those who built the BlackBerry solution for support-related matters. You can identify these partners by ensuring they have the BlackBerry Partner Support Services logo.


Make sure you’re giving your customers the very best support by joining the BlackBerry Partner Support Services program. Expertly deliver the most secure multi-platform Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) solution on BlackBerry to help manage iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and BlackBerry – whether they’re corporate-owned and/or BYOD devices. Enhance your value proposition, response times and service offerings.

Our service-level goals mean your customers’ issues are addressed quickly and correctly.

Want to know more about joining this program? Learn more on how you can benefit.

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I'm a Product Manager at BlackBerry that has a passion for Business Services. I love seeing Customers and Partners grow and realize the benefits of Enterprise Software because of well crafted and executed service programs! Off the clock, I enjoy playing recreational Volleyball and Slo-Pitch. I'm a dog-lover and a bit of a health fanatic!

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