Coming Attractions: How BlackBerry is Redrawing the Boundaries of EMM (and Business)


479213157(1)Am I surprised, when I see competitors of ours highlighting things that BlackBerry has known for years? On one hand, yes: to be a competitor, one must keep up, even though mobility changes so quickly. On the other hand, I’m aware that we’ve been at the forefront of enterprise mobility for at least 15 years! Most of our competitors are still toddlers by comparison.

Just recently, an executive from a rival company peppered several social media channels with links to an article highlighting the role that mobility management plays in protecting businesses from risks associated with BYOD policies.

Here are a couple of sentences from the top of that story:

“But mobile device usage introduces security risks. The devices can be used to access corporate networks and store sensitive corporate data, putting data at risk when the user walks out of the corporate front door with the device in their pocket.”

So Five Years Ago

No truer statements have been written. But that same sentiment could just as easily have been pulled from an article written in 2009.

As we near the end of 2014, isn’t it time to elevate the enterprise mobility discourse? Isn’t it time to move past MDM table stakes and start talking about the way a modern EMM solution can revitalize your organization, push employee productivity to new levels and drive innovation throughout your business?

That’s exactly what BlackBerry plans to do.

Introducing the Future of EMM

If your immediate need is securing and managing mobile devices, BlackBerry has you covered. Our cross-platform EMM solution lets you manage enterprise mobility across all your corporate-issued or employee owned devices. It’s the only all-purpose platform that truly supports the full-spectrum of ownership models – including Corporate-Owned, Business Only (COBO) and Corporate-Owned, Personally Enabled (COPE) – through a single command and control center. All while safeguarding your corporate data, without compromising productivity. Built on BlackBerry’s trusted, global network, BlackBerry enterprise management brings new levels of efficiency and security to mobility management.

Where BlackBerry really separates itself from rivals, though, is the critical role it plays in fully democratizing the workforce, empowering employees to be just as productive from their smartphones and tablets as they are from their PCs.

As much as we talk about mobile first and the proliferation of mobile devices in the workforce, the reality is that many employees are still relegated to second-class status when using a mobile endpoint to do business-critical tasks, including communicating or collaborating with colleagues, partners or even customers. For workers who want and need to do more with mobile devices than exchange emails or browse a calendar, a device-focused approach to EMM offers little relief.

Democratizing the Workforce

Our EMM solutions put mobile workers on the same productivity plane as their deskbound counterparts.

It’s nearly impossible to exaggerate the importance of ensuring employees are able to use their corporate-issued or personal smartphones, tablets and other endpoints without compromising the integrity of corporate data. Nobody does that better than BlackBerry. But harnessing the full potential of mobile technology to make workers more productive and businesses more competitive is what now matters most to thousands of organizations.

It’s this outside-the-device thinking that separates BlackBerry from competitors including Airwatch, Good Technology, MobileIron and others.

Provenance Matters

The contrast in our approaches to EMM is as much about provenance as anything.

Airwatch and roughly 100 other startups entered the market a few years ago hoping to surf the BYOD wave. Their raison d’être hasn’t evolved much over the past few years.

They have gotten proficient, though, at spreading FUD about BlackBerry, as documented here and here.

BlackBerry’s enterprise mobility roots go much deeper. For nearly 15 years the company has been single-mindedly focused on safeguarding enterprise networks and information, enabling workers to safely and efficiently conduct business from any location within the reach of a mobile network. Our unparalleled experience in delivering secure, end-to-end solutions is proven on a global scale.

And now, BlackBerry is set to usher in a new era of enterprise mobility, bringing organizations of all sizes a mobile experience that doesn’t require IT to compromise on security or employees to sacrifice productivity or functionality. BlackBerry, by providing anywhere, anytime connectivity to the data, apps, services and people that are critical to getting the job done, is redrawing the boundaries of business.

Escape the Mobile Time Warp

It’s time to take stock of your current mobility requirements. For businesses that still need to tackle five-year-old mobility issues, your EMM choices, including BlackBerry, are bountiful. But for those who are ready for no-compromise mobility, there’s only one EMM solution that can take your businesses wherever it needs to go.


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