Roundup: Media and Users Laud BlackBerry Blend for Security, Mobility and Productivity



People have been raving about the BlackBerry Passport since the device launched in September. The keyboard is best in business for communication, and can be used to write novels or detailed reviews.

But one of the best features introduced in the Passport is BlackBerry Blend, software that allows you to receive and respond to all of your messages, emails, texts and files on any device, anytime and anywhere you have Internet access.

BlackBerry Blend enhances the productivity of today’s professional by accommodating a pair of key trends. First, workers like to use the best tool for the job. If you’re trying to read a bunch of documents and answer dozens of e-mails, you might be more productive on a laptop or tablet. But it can be frustrating and time consuming to physically transfer files from your BlackBerry smartphone to your PC or tablet. Blend lets you avoid that, which I’ll get to in a moment.

Second, BlackBerry Blend ensures you have anytime, anywhere access to your work data. Say you want to get some work done on your train ride home from work, but you only have your personal iPad because you’ve forgotten your work laptop at the office. Maybe you’ve even left your BlackBerry phone at the office or at home. Does that mean you won’t be able to read or reply to your work e-mails at all?

Thankfully, BlackBerry Blend, which will be available soon for all BlackBerry 10 devices with the BlackBerry OS 10.3 update, lets you to connect your BlackBerry smartphone to your computer or tablet, giving you access to all your documents and notifications in real-time on any device you’re using. Via Blend, you can access work e-mail, BBM messages, work files, and more stored on your Passport, Porsche Design P’9983, and soon, any BlackBerry 10 phone, no matter if your BlackBerry device is connected via USB cable, sitting next to you and connected via local Wi-Fi, or even tens or hundreds of miles away and connected via cellular data connection. Just imagine the time you won’t lose or stress you won’t have knowing you’re connected to everything you need whether you’re in a meeting, on the train, or flip flopping from your cellphone to your desktop.

Still not convinced? I’ve rounded up a series of comments from end users and journalists who agree – BlackBerry Blend is the smoothest thing on the menu. Order up Blend for your device and check out the reviews below.

End-User Excitement

This guy was among many users leaving Blend a five star review on the Google Play app store:

play 2

So did these folks. Indeed, with 156 reviews, Blend has a 4 out of 5 star rating in the Play store (it has a 4.5 star rating in the iTunes store):

play 1

Another Play user lauded the interconnectivity between his Passport and his Samsung tablet:

play 3

This user also couldn’t help but share his praise:


We’ve retweeted a few people that had good things to say:



We also found this guy who’s marrying his Passport to his Mac with Blend:


And Richard is thrilled to master his productivity flow:


Blend Enables Enterprise Mobility, Praises Media

Liron Segev from IT Web says:

BlackBerry Blend is the secret sauce that underpins BlackBerry’s enterprise and is the solution for the bring your own device trend. IT managers can keep control of the corporate info without heavily restricting (and frustrating) the corporate user. (This review was also posted on TechieGuy)

  • Euan Rocha from the Financial Post quotes RBC Capital Markets analyst Mark Sue:

“Blend underpins BlackBerry’s enterprise strategy,” said RBC’s Sue, noting that recent acquisitions give BlackBerry a further boost in the enterprise market.

  • Forbes Trefis Team:
    The technology allows users display content such as email and messaging conversations, calendars, files and contacts from their BlackBerry devices on other computers and tablets. The technology will improve productivity by allowing users to work seamlessly across multiple software platforms, without having to worry about security concerns.

Encouraging Worker Productivity

  • Cam Bunton from Phone Dog has been amazed by the Blend technology and states in this video:
    “Everything that happens, happens in real time on your computer and your device… all happens all at once, it just works.”
  • Australia Business Insider’s Peter Farquhar says Blend is:

The software that allows you to manage everything your phone does on your desktop, works. It’s a great way to your keep mind on the job in front of you without having to constantly switch between devices. I can’t stress how helpful this tool is on the train.

  • VentureBeat’s Simon Cohen calls it:
    A brilliant way to bring your phone’s capabilities onto a bigger screen and to provide productivity-insurance.
  • Jason Cipriani  aka @MrCippy of Fortune Mag writes:

“I also came to appreciate a feature called BlackBerry Blend, new in version 10.3 of the company’s mobile operating system. No, it’s not some smoothie—it’s a service that allows you to access the content and messages on your phone from your desktop computer.”

  • Menchie Mendoza of Tech Times covers traveling features:
    For those who travel frequently by plane, BlackBerry Blend allows one to easily create emails during the flight. Once the BlackBerry device receives a cellular data connection after landing, the created emails will be sent automatically.
  • Amazon review:
    The ability to manage files, e-mail, chats, etc. (“Blend” as BlackBerry calls it) is seamless and convenient.
  • And another:
    Have everything that goes to your phone all in one place such as email, bbm and sms! The neat thing is you can reply back to those on your computer. You can edit calendar events, contacts and file managing from your desktop! The Blend makes productivity 50x more easier!!

So there you have it! By the numbers, BlackBerry Blend is transforming people into productivity powerhouses. How has your experience with Blend been? Has it enabled your work and life to actually balance?

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