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On Wednesday afternoon, MobileIron announced their Q3 2014 earnings and their CEO Bob Tinker added color to the results during a Q&A with investors. So today we need to set the record straight with a #BBFactCheck of a few careless comments by Tinker.

“As the requirements of customers expanded from MDM to mobile application management, mobile content management and data security in motion, the customer requirements expanded. At the same time, the competitive landscape has significantly narrowed.

If you’d asked me six months ago, I’d say the competitive landscape had really narrowed to four. At this point, it’s really narrowed down to two. We don’t see Good very often. We see Citrix fading. The only one we really see competitively is us and VMWare/AirWatch. And again, they tend to be more focused on the SMB side of the business.”

some IT executives are experiencing “a nightmare” dealing with competitive platforms and their end users want BlackBerry back

Tinker’s view is myopic. Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) is far from…

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