Presentation: The 10 Must-Have Capabilities of a Next-Generation EMM Solution


There are sure a lot of big terms and acronyms that get thrown around in enterprise and business-to-business circles. I’ll spare you a laundry list, but one of them is “next-generation.”

The thing is, it’s one of the better descriptors, as it literally means moving forward from the old to the new, while implying action and renewal.

So, how does that apply to enterprise mobility management, or EMM? (Stay with me here).

Investing for the Future Requires Forward Thinking (and Commitment)

As laid out well in this article on the INSIDE BlackBerry Business Blog, there are industry-defining changes happening due to the interplay of devices and software and how they are implemented in organizations. Remaining in indecision gridlock regarding your IT strategies moving forward will only see you and your company watch the train outrun you as you stay on your horse, to use an American historical idiom.

Mobile Device Management needs to be much more than handing out BlackBerry, Android or iOS devices or Lenovo ThinkPad laptops, and just doing so would be the wrong approach anyway. Things have to be well-considered, or even radically rethought.

Today, Tomorrow and Beyond

So what are some of the capabilities that your organization must demand in an EMM platform? I’ll share a few:

  • Self-Service: An EMM platform needs to be easy to manage and understand so end-users can handle it with less IT hand-holding, at least for the rudimentary tasks.
  • Automation: The less manual management, the better. Dashboards and management systems should be customizable.
  • Contextual Management: Think about the context of the available (or missing) technology, such as GPS functions working during business hours only, or the benefits/consequences of device cameras. And what about employees using multiple devices? What will the application spread be?

Diving Deeper

You can learn about these and other points by reading and downloading the presentation below.

To really get into the subject matter, check out Unleashing Business Transformation Through Mobility, a recent BlackBerry white paper and navigational aid for IT managers and business leaders, provides organizations of all sizes with a glimpse of enterprise mobility’s future, as well as advice on how best to evolve workforce mobilization initiatives to make their businesses better.

Until then, enjoy the presentation.


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