Why Support in EMM Can’t Be an Afterthought



So Much to Think About

When it comes to choosing the right EMM solution, you have to think through a huge array of factors.

Mobile device management, app management, content management, security in transit and for devices at rest, scalability, integration with existing systems … the list goes on. You already know that BES12 delivers on all these fronts. But one of the most important – and frequently overlooked – aspects of a first-rate EMM solution is the support that backs it up. When challenges or questions arise, who will your administrators be turning to? And what can they expect from those support resources?

An excellent product is nothing without an excellent support team, and that’s why we’re here to tell you more about the BlackBerry Technical Support Services program. And by the way, we just released a two-minute video that puts the spotlight on what we do.

Is BlackBerry Support Really All That Different?

Established in the industry over a decade ago, the BlackBerry Technical Support Services program offers our customers advanced knowledge and expertise derived from our deep experience. We’ve won a whole cabinet of awards for our service, including the 2013 Stevie Award for Sales & Customer Service, the 2012 Twitter Shorty Award for Best Use of Social Media for Customer Service, and the 2012 Knova Summit Award for Knowledge Management.

Now, trophies and accolades might not impress you all that much. In that case, let’s talk numbers instead. Our support teams are available to tackle issues 365 days of the year, seven days a week, 24 hours a day. We know full well that business doesn’t stop after 5 p.m., so we don’t either. All high-severity phone calls will be answered in 90 seconds or less, and we provide support in 100 countries around the world.

Not Just for the Big Players

We understand that secure mobility is important to all of our customers. While some of our larger customers may be operating mission-critical deployments, we understand that a small business can’t afford downtime either. We’re even more excited about BES12 because all of our customers will have access to this great team of skilled EMM professionals. Customers will have the option to receive support and assistance directly from BlackBerry, or by working with one of our authorized partners.

Another thing our customers really value: the fact that we work hard to transfer knowledge to their IT staff, so that, for many issues, they don’t even need to reach out for help. Having learned directly from our professionals, they already know what to do. Some tech support organizations hoard knowledge to keep customers beholden to them. That’s never been our style, and it never will be.

A Proactive Support Resource

BlackBerry Technical Support Services is good for more than just repairs, how-to’s, and support tickets. We’re an active, and proactive, support structure for your organization.

At any point in time, we can dispatch an analyst to your site to assist with both planned and unplanned activities. We’ve got a team of experts ready to help you at a moment’s notice, each capable of handling any problems you throw their way.

On top of that, we believe in forming long-term business partnerships; as a Premium Level customer, you’ll work with a single BlackBerry Support Account Manager for the duration of your relationship with us. This manager will gain a deep understanding of your business needs and mobility environment – and can provide you with advanced services such as technical planning and preparation.

If you’re only going to be working with a good EMM solution, then another support team might be just fine. But if you’re taking mobility to the next level with BES12, rest assured that BlackBerry Technical Support Services is the best the industry has to offer.

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I'm a Product Manager at BlackBerry that has a passion for Business Services. I love seeing Customers and Partners grow and realize the benefits of Enterprise Software because of well crafted and executed service programs! Off the clock, I enjoy playing recreational Volleyball and Slo-Pitch. I'm a dog-lover and a bit of a health fanatic!

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