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It’s inevitable that, as mobile technologies become more and more prolific in the workplace, they’ll become a larger and larger target for cyber-criminals.

Now more than ever, it’s imperative that businesses take measures to protect mission-critical information as it flows to and from more devices than ever before. And further, that they do so in a fashion that’s as seamless as possible for the end user. After all, mobile security has been likened to a street fight – and one doesn’t want to go in unprepared.

It isn’t enough to simply implement a security solution, either. If the measures an enterprise takes to correct and control mobile device usage are restrictive or cumbersome, then they’re self-defeating right from the start – because users will turn to less-secure alternatives, putting critical data at risk. In other words, security needs to enable productivity even as it protects corporate and user data.

As part of BlackBerry’s commitment to this blend of security and usability, we’re unveiling the Secure Productivity Bundle. This bundle of services is designed to allow corporate employees to seamlessly access their data no matter where they are, and ensures that sensitive information is protected along every leg of the journey – whether at rest or in transit.

For $6/month/user, enterprises can enjoy  VPN Authentication by BlackBerry, BBM Enterprise (formerly known as BBM Protected), and BlackBerry Blend for Enterprise services.

VPN Authentication by BlackBerry makes hardware tokens virtually obsolete, significantly reducing cost and making life a great deal easier for corporate employees. BBM Enterprise, meanwhile, allows for faster, more secure communication and collaboration. Finally, BlackBerry Blend for Enterprise grants employees secure, instant access to work, email, calendar, files, and corporate intranet, in addition to offering a suite of tools through which IT can streamline administration.

Together, the three services will ensure that your employees can work faster, smarter, and – most importantly – more securely.

Interested? Learn more about the Secure Productivity Bundle – or go ahead and order it for your business right now.

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