What Does Your Smartphone Say About You?


YouGov, the global market research and data company, has released a profiling tool that provides a research-based look at the archetypal user of pretty much any brand in the UK. In particular, we’re interested in what the demographic info has to say about smartphone users – and it turns out there are some pretty fascinating insights to be found here.

Why not take a look, and see what you’ve got in common with the core consumer of some of the UK’s major mobility brands?

BlackBerry’s Core User: Sophisticated and Analytical

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According to YouGov, based on more than 1750 consumer reviews, if you own one or more BlackBerry devices, you’re probably a 40+ year-old male with a higher than average income. You’re in good shape for your age; hiking and cycling are some of your favorite pastimes.

You aren’t much of a TV watcher, with only 11-15 hours per week on average, mostly spent catching up on the news. But you spend quite a bit of time on the Internet – between 36 and 40 hours a week, with plenty of visits to Facebook and Twitter, BlackBerry.com.

You’re a ravenous reader of the Financial Times as well as The Economist, both of which fit right into your interests in business, finance, and politics.

You describe yourself as analytical, with a razor-sharp wit and a great sense of humor. At the same time, however, you have a tendency to put your career before your free time, you’re incredibly strong-willed and a touch impatient.

Where brands are concerned, you choose quality above all else. You more than likely shop at Waitrose, and you own a Land Rover. You’re a fan of higher-end clothing brands, pairing your T.M. Lewin shirts with a pair of choice Church’s brogues.

Although your sophisticated tastes extend to entertainment, you aren’t afraid to cut loose every now and then, as well: your playlist includes Van Morrison and John Lee Hooker, but you’ve also got a thing for The Prodigy.

Samsung: The Young Male Up-And-Comer

The typical Samsung Galaxy customer, says YouGov, is a young man aged 18-24, employed in retail, IT, or social work.

While he does occasionally pay attention to sports (particularly Formula 1 racing and gymnastics), they aren’t a huge passion of his. As far as pets are concerned, he probably owns a bird.

By his own assessment, Samsung’s core customer loves to geek out to technology, and can be a little temperamental at times as well.

Where brands are concerned, he looks to combine quality with affordability. Supermarket chain ASDA is where he does the bulk of his shopping, from groceries to clothing to technology.

In addition to video games, he loves comic book movies, high fantasy, and classic rock. Journey and Van Halen are some of his favorite artists, while Wreck-It Ralph and Lord of the Rings rank among his all-time favorite movies.

Samsung’s core user is a ravenous consumer of media, spending upwards of 41 hours a week online and more than 50 watching TV.

Nokia: Communicative, Sincere

The archetypal Nokia customer is a right-leaning gentleman of sixty or older. He’s usually employed in agriculture, civil society, or construction, and has less than £125 a month to spend on leisure. His interests include international news and personal finance; he enjoys gardening, reading, and bird-watching (in fact, chances are fairly high he owns a bird).

Nokia’s average user is self-described as an agreeable, communicative, and sincere fellow, though he’ll readily admit that he can be a little cantankerous and confrontational when someone disagrees with him. Due to his interest in personal finance, he’s quite skilled at managing his income, saving for stuff that he wants and making intelligent investments. He has little patience for advertising, and tends to mute his TV during commercials.

He spends 26-30 hours watching TV each week, and is primarily interested in catching up on the news. This is reflected in his preferred reading material, which includes The Daily Telegraph and The Radio Times. He spends considerably less time online – 1-5 hours, generally devoted to looking up recipes, seeking out deals on books, or keeping on top of politics.

Motorola: Reserved and Conscientious

Motorola’s quintessential user is a man of sixty years or older, with relatively moderate political views. He’s generally employed in engineering, healthcare, or the home and garden industry. Much like Nokia’s archetypal user, he enjoys bird watching, reading, and gardening; his interests also include personal finance, computers and technology, and aircraft engineering. His most likely pet is a bird, and he’s a fan of both shooting and motor-sports.

Motorola’s prime consumer holds that he’s conscientious, practical, and frugal; he manages his finances well and is stressed out by the idea of being in debt. He rarely makes a purchase without first reading reviews on the product, and he has little trouble saving up when he wants something. He admits he isn’t without his faults, of course – he’s a self-described introvert, a quiet fellow who occasionally has difficulty getting along with others.

He watches TV for just 11-15 hours a week, and mostly tunes in for news and weather reports. The exact same amount of time is spent online, reading up on tech news and managing his mobile account. His preferred newspaper is The Daily Mail, and his favorite magazines include What’s On TV, Radio Times, and PC Pro.

So Where Do You Fit In?

And now, the million-dollar question: Do you have anything in common with these three? That’s a question only you can answer – but we’d love to hear what you have to say.

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