What Happens when CNET Gives a BlackBerry Fan the Floor?


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Here’s an early holiday present from online news site CNET: columnist Lee Koo has given the floor to a BlackBerry fan, and the results are pretty awesome.

Koo writes: “While I was scouting out comments by members on BlackBerry content for my readers reaction column, I took notice of member Nate650 — I realized he was actively engaged and present in almost every BlackBerry article or product review on CNET…I personally contacted Nate650 via email and asked him if he’d like to write a few paragraphs on [BlackBerry and he] emailed me back with not only a few paragraphs about why he thought BlackBerry is well-positioned to rebound, but he also added quotes from a few fellow member comments as well. Talk about a well-thought-out piece!“

So, what did “Nate650” (we’ll call him “Nate”) have to say? He begins:

“To this day, reader comments such as ‘What’s a BlackBerry?’ or…

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