BlackBerry the Device of Choice for Leaders at World Economic Forum in Davos


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World Economic Forum 2015: The LogoBlackBerry smartphones carry a certain connotation with them – they say “I mean business and get things done,” and this is apparently very much the case at the World Economic Forum late last week in Davos, Switzerland, according to Business Insider UK’s Jim Edwards.

The preferred modus operandi for power players attending this prestigious annual event was the two-phone combination of iPhone and BlackBerry, observed Edwards.

BlackBerry had “massive market share” in Davos, wrote Edwards, who interviewed one executive from a major U.S. investment bank who, like “a lot of people here are conspicuously carrying two phones: an iPhone and a BlackBerry . . . The guy [told me] the company still preferred its employees to use the BlackBerry because its security is superior to that of iPhone or Android.”

Edwards also noted that “UK Chancellor George Osborne uses a BlackBerry, too — he walked right by me…

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