Why We Need Independent Security Certifications


You’ve probably heard the saying, “Assume nothing; Question everything.” Or maybe you’ve heard me say, “Please don’t take my word for it: Trust but verify,” when speaking at events or to customers.

The point is that IT and security managers need to question every piece of information you’re given, before you do something silly like entrust a smooth-talking security software salesman with the fate of your company data and assets.

You shouldn’t have to gamble with mobile security and the future of your organization. To protect your business you have to read between the lines and identify which companies are telling the truth about their products and which ones have a great marketing pitch. You should also be aware of which vendors have put in the man hours in architecture, development and testing to ensure that the Gold level of security is met.

To be honest, clients shouldn’t have to determine whether they trust the security products they’re interested in. Thus lies the need for independent third-party accreditation of products that make security claims. Fortunately, there are many well-resourced, government-certified labs that thoroughly test claims made by security vendors about their products.

Before you choose your security solution, read my post on LinkedIn to explain further how security certifications work and can protect your enterprise – and why BlackBerry’s massive number of certifications – over 70 – is proof of how rock-solid our solutions are.

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About Nader Henein

A staunch advocate of Data Protection and Privacy, Nader brings over two decades of tactical experience in the architecture, development and management of secure, scalable systems. He has worked in a wide range of organizations from startups to multinationals allowing for both depth and breadth of experience focused on enabling business without compromise of corporate security or individual privacy. Today, his role hinges on providing solutions to current challenges faced by BlackBerry’s strategic customers in banking, governance, security and beyond.

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