Webcast Recording: Why Jurassic Park Is The Wrong Model For Your Enterprise Security Architecture


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On January 27th, well over a thousand registrants had the opportunity to hear from BlackBerry experts on the mobile security landscape, growing risks for businesses, and how to leverage truly-secure mobility solutions to enable rather than lock down.

It’s clear that in the end, employees and end users have to be the winners. If IT managers lock down functionality, enforce strict policies for mobile use, and demand that rigid processes be followed, that only results in frustrated workers. It also results in ingenious user-driven workaround solutions that simply can’t be anticipated. As we learned during the webinar, a good analogy is a classic line from the movie Jurassic Park. When the dinosaurs start escaping from the park’s defenses, one of the scientists notes belatedly that “life, uh, finds a way.”

Mobile security shouldn’t involve hiding behind high walls. Instead, it should be a competitive advantage applied through trusted services and solutions that let your employees roam free, backed up by IT leadership confidence that’s firmly based on past and present results.

Watch the recording, including an extended live Q&A with Jeff Gadway, Director of Product Marketing, and Michael K. Brown, Vice President of Security Product Management & Research.

To learn more about the risks that businesses face in today’s fast-paced digital environment, download the full Risk Tolerance report and survey results at www.blackberry.com/risktolerance.

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