How My BlackBerry Passport and BlackBerry Blend Saved My Day


Peter Simons

Do you want to know how my BlackBerry Passport and BlackBerry Blend saved my day? Software and hardware work together to improve the results in business.

When I travel, I carry a PC that’s been equipped with MS Office. Last week I spent a large part of the day working in a hotel room, using the hotel’s unsecured Wi-Fi.

In the morning I received an urgent request to pay an order by wire transfer. Postponing the payment would have caused a delay in shipment, but Wi-Fi networks in hotels are simply not the best places to connect to a bank. Also, my PC had been giving me some trouble.

What to do? I used my BlackBerry Passport wide screen over the Vodafone 4G network to connect to the bank … without an (insecure) app. The Passport gave me access to a large web page where I logged in and worked without any further trouble. Copying an IBAN and payment reference in email while in the Hub is very easy to do on BlackBerry 10. Simply copy and paste. No need to close and open apps all time! Result: The order was paid, and the shipment was secured.

Once I was on the high-speed train, I again booted up my 3-year-old PC. Unfortunately, Outlook was now “stuck,” so after 30 minutes, I decided to delete the entire MS Office package from my PC. After five minutes or so, the PC came to life. (My PCs run better without MS Office, especially the 2007 version. You might have that experience too.)

Now, was I happy? Not really – no contacts, no emails. There was, however, a fast alternative: I put my BlackBerry in my jacket and fired up BlackBerry Blend on my PC. Within 30 seconds I had all of my contacts in front of me and could process my emails. I found that it was faster and easier to work with BlackBerry Blend than with Outlook.

I haven’t put Outlook back onto my PC yet, but I’m wondering if it even makes sense to re-install the ever-crashing Outlook. All my notes and tasks! Well, they are on the cloud too and perfectly synchronized over Evernote with PC and BlackBerry.

Conclusion: My BlackBerry Passport and BlackBerry Blend helped me continue working, even while I was away from  home.

I wanted to share this story with you, so am typing it out on my BlackBerry Passport. Being able to type with both hands on this keyboard makes that fast and easy to do.

I’m pleased that I’ve always stayed loyal to BlackBerry technology. It’s a technology that has solved problems for me at critical moments. When I got home after my trip, I didn’t have my charger, but I wasn’t worried. The battery still had power.

I couldn’t help comparing myself with iPhone users who were happily boarding the train, looking forward to finally being able to charge their iPhones in the power outlets they knew would be attached to their seats.

If you need a device to work on, follow my example. People sometimes laugh at me for using a BlackBerry, until I show them how I work with this most innovative phone. They soon stop laughing … I know why.


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