Secure Your Work Three Times Over: The BlackBerry Secure Productivity Bundle


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What’s better than your run-of-the mill smartphone?

The BlackBerry Classic, of course, packed with productivity features in a device that marries the innovation you need, with the familiarity you love, in a package that is secure to the lowest layer.


How do you top that?

By getting the Classic and the BlackBerry Secure Productivity Bundle together.

The BlackBerry Secure Productivity Bundle has been designed for organizations using BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 or the cross-platform BES12. The bundle includes the following solutions:

  • VPN Authentication by BlackBerry® greatly eases the process for employees wielding iOS, Android or BlackBerry smartphones to securely log into corporate applications. This solution eliminates the need for the issuance, management and use of costly and inconvenient hardware tokens, helping minimize overall IT department expenses and improve employee productivity. (Read ‘5 Reasons to Ditch the VPN Fob’.)
  • BBM™ Protected offers enhanced security for BBM messages sent between iOS, Android, and BlackBerry smartphones by adding an additional layer of encryption to BBM messages as they are sent through networks, helping to prevent hacking, spying and accidental data leaks.
  • BlackBerry® Blend for Enterprise is a force multiplier for BlackBerry 10 devices, enabling employees to securely access corporate data on their laptops or tablets without a VPN. Blend also obviates the need for additional complicated IT/security policies. BlackBerry Blend is now available for BlackBerry Classic and BlackBerry Passport smartphones, Porsche Design P’9983 smartphone from BlackBerry, and coming soon to all BlackBerry 10 smartphones. Read what users are saying about Blend here.
  • Advantage Level Support helps keep an enterprise’s demanding cross-platform mobility environment up and running smoothly, with 24x7x365 phone support and access to online resources and training.

A Timely Combination

Having these two assets in one incredible package is a timely asset for enterprises turning to mobility to realize the productivity potential of their employees without sacrificing essential security measures.

BlackBerry enterprise solutions work hand in hand with the security built in to the smartphone, opening up new opportunity for mobile productivity while protecting data beyond the device, because BlackBerry smartphones are built on a foundation of security from the hardware, to software to operating system and applications.

And endpoint security? Not a problem. As mentioned above, the security of BlackBerry is actually embedded in the hardware.

Plus, the BlackBerry Classic offers all of the latest productivity tools available with BlackBerry OS 10.3.1 – from the BlackBerry Hub, Blend and Assistant to the triumphant return of the toolbelt, the Classic builds on the strengths that drew people to BlackBerry in the first place, with 22 hours of battery life to boot.

Act Now!

No punchline, here – just an incredible deal (available in Canada only) that businesses can take advantage of until February 28th, enabling them to deploy mobile devices and services while minimizing any risk of introducing security vulnerabilities.


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