Case Study: Real-time Patient Info Leads to Improvements in Care for this Home Healthcare Provider

Case Study

iStock_000033245754_LargeAs part of this week’s healthcare series we’d like to introduce you to CarePartners, a home healthcare organization providing personal support, nursing and therapy services to 14 Community Care Access Centres (CCAC) across Ontario.

PrintCarePartners currently has 4,000 mobile workers who provide services for seniors, people with disabilities, post-operative patients and people who need healthcare services to help them live independently in the community.

The workforce at CarePartners is almost completely mobile. As a result, nurses, therapists and personal support workers (PSWs) are usually out in the community engaging with patients in their homes.

BlackBerry and CellTrak
CellTrack LogoA long-time BlackBerry user, CarePartners decided to deploy BlackBerry® 10 smartphones equipped with CellTrak VisitManager™ to their mobile workforce.

Using the VisitManager application, staff are able to log in to see their schedule directly on their BlackBerry smartphones. They can also see important patient information in order to better manage care plans. The application tracks the start and end time of each appointment, which is automatically sent to the head office. GPS tracking available on the BlackBerry smartphones allows the office to have an accurate location of where the staff are at any given time which helps to keep staff safe.

BES12 and End-to-End Security
CarePartners also deployed BES12 to manage their fleet of BlackBerry smartphones. “We chose BlackBerry and BES12 because of the end-to-end security benefits and high level of management and control it affords us,” said Kelly Baechler, Manager of Organizational Change at CarePartners. “We need to ensure that the GPS is always on, for example, and need the ability to block certain apps from being installed on the device. We can manage all of this through IT policies on BES. We also need to be assured that our patient information is protected, and with BES12 we know the data is secure and that we are complying with PIPEDA and HIPAA regulations. This is crucial for us.”

The Results?
“The peace-of-mind that the BlackBerry and CellTrak solution has given us is probably the most notable benefit,” Baechler said, sharing the following story with us:

Recently, CarePartners received an urgent call from a CCAC Care Coordinator regarding a patient receiving PSW services for medication reminder. The paramedics had contacted CCAC after receiving a 911 call. Upon responding to the 911 call, paramedics found that the patient had had a stroke. The paramedics needed to administer stroke medication within three hours of a stroke, but couldn’t know for sure if the stroke had occurred within the three hour window. The CarePartners coordinator logged in to the CellTrak application to confirm the timing of the last visit and could confirm the exact time that the PSW left the patient’s home. The PSW had left the patient’s home an hour and 50 minute previously so the Paramedics could safely administer the meds without hesitation.

“It’s cases like this that make technology so important to patient care and safety,” Baechler said. “Access to real-time information using our BlackBerry solution helps us to know exactly what’s happening with our patients and provide continuity of care.”

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