Q-and-A: ‘Instagram for Enterprise’ CEO on Why Their App is a Perfect Fit for BlackBerry



It’s no surprise that BlackBerry works with the best developers and solution providers to bring quality apps that help workers be more productive, in all types of business (we also provide the largest selection of productivity apps secured for enterprise via the BlackBerry Work Perimeter and Secure Work Space, all tested against malware and piracy).

Meet Foko, the newest member of the BlackBerry app ecosystem. Foko, a Canadian company, was founded in 2013 in response to an emerging need for a better, more engaging way for co-workers to collaborate and share ideas. Eric Sauve and Colin McDonald – the co-founders of Foko – had this idea to build an ‘Instagram for the enterprise.’ Today, the vision of providing an easy and instant way for companies to share visual content internally is at the heart of the Foko platform. We sat down with Marc Gingras, CEO of Foko, to talk about how his company’s photo-sharing application is helping organizations increase collaboration and improve employee engagement.

Marc, tell us a little bit about Foko. Marc Head Shot

MG: Foko is a mobile visual communication platform that allows co-workers to share ideas and events through photos to drive an exceptional level of engagement. Because the user’s Foko feed is visual, it cuts through the noise and chatter of text-based messaging and collaboration services to show, not tell, what’s relevant and important. Now keeping a visual history for your company is easier than ever, because your Foko feed automatically becomes a stored archive of rich visual content from across the organization.

Since launching in 2014, Foko has attracted some very important and well-regarded customers like Whole Foods, Trend Micro, Maxim Integrated and One Medical.  We now see usage in 10 percent of the Fortune 100 and have some very interesting projects up our sleeves.

Why did you decide to make the Foko app available for BlackBerry 10? 

MG: Foko is a mobile enterprise application, which is a great fit for BlackBerry users who tend to be business professionals. Because Foko and BlackBerry are focused on the enterprise, it makes a lot of sense to make Foko available to BlackBerry users.

Where can customers download the app? How much does it cost?

MG: We are distributing the app through app stores. BlackBerry customers can access Foko throughfoko screenshot 1 the Amazon App Store and BlackBerry World. Foko is free to use for an unlimited number of users. However, we have a paid Premium model for companies who want to manage their communities.

What kinds of customers are downloading your app? What kind of response have you seen across other platforms?

MG: In summer 2014, we launched our app on the iOS platform and the Android app was made available in late 2014. We are now seeing a significant number of users in 10 percent of Fortune 100 companies, and high traction across a diverse range of industries. Foko is used by clients in industries such as healthcare, financial, retail, software, real estate, manufacturing, professional services, advertising and media, consumer packaged goods, and more.

How do you gauge the success of your app?

MG: We quantify our success based on the growth of our user engagement. Our engagement level is now three times the industry standard for enterprise applications.

What do you hope to achieve by making this app available to BlackBerry users?

MG: With the trend of having employees bring their own devices to work, we want to ensure we have an app for all major device platforms. Since Foko and BlackBerry are both focused on the enterprise market, it only makes sense to make Foko available to BlackBerry customers.

BlackBerry remains a strong business tool, particularly in highly regulated industries. As we’ve garnered interest from these industries, we can now confidently go after business within these types of organizations and deliver a more complete offering to existing customers and prospects that have large BlackBerry user communities.

To recap, the Foko app can help your employees:

  • Capture and share visual content privately within your company
  • Share, edit, like and comment on images directly from your BlackBerry
  • Share visual content externally on communities like Twitter, Facebook, Slack and more.
  • Create hashtags for easy categorization and search
  • Store images: Your Foko feed automatically becomes a collection of visual assets you can use later on your company website, in presentations, etc.

For more information about Foko, visit: http://foko.co/

Visit BlackBerry World to download the app today!

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