This IT Consultant Dumped his iPhone 6 Plus for a BlackBerry Passport AND Classic


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When you think of “professionals,” what comes to mind is probably those skilled in specific occupations – doctors, lawyers, and technicians.

For Marc Lawinger, one of the marks of a true professional is whether or not they carry a BlackBerry device.lawinger

Based out of Germany, Lawinger is a Senior IT consultant for GK Software, and his responsibilities see him in constant communication with clients, necessitating a device that enables him to stay on top of his business.

He ditched his iPhone 6 Plus for the have-it-all combo of the BlackBerry Passport and the BlackBerry Classic – they give him that unique “professional” feeling.

Sound familiar?

These two techjournalists also left their iPhones for BlackBerry devices, and other roundups HERE, HERE, and HERE illustrate the true professional’s preference for BlackBerry devices over consumer-grade iPhones.

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