Ever Wonder How BlackBerry Secures its Proprietary Network?


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Arguably the most famous and mythical component of BlackBerry is the BlackBerry Infrastructure, a secure global network that transmits petabytes of encrypted data to and from the world’s most powerful mobile professionals. This network is just one part of the BlackBerry Corporate Infrastructure, the environment where BlackBerry builds secure solutions for millions of customers, from military-grade smartphones to industry-leading Enterprise Mobility Management.

Today we’re happy to announce the release of the first ever BlackBerry Corporate Infrastructure Security Overview. This 20-page white paper outlines the key standards and processes that we use every single day to protect our loyal customers. You’ll find info on topics like:

  • The key teams that work around the clock to keep your mobile communication safe
  • The physical security of BlackBerry buildings and data centers
  • The authentication and authorization controls across the organization
  • The disaster recovery procedures that help make BlackBerry reliable in times of need

Always remember that security is only as strong as its weakest link. While security starts at the endpoints, those endpoints need to be designed and delivered in a secure environment and the data needs to travel across a secure network.

Today we live in an era of cyber warfare where public attacks from criminal organizations threaten corporations and constant data breaches threaten our individual right to privacy. Whether we’re protecting classified information, corporate trade secrets or simply our own private photos, we all need and deserve access to secure mobile communication.


mobile security ebook final coverSmart IT managers know that there are three very good alternatives to BYOD. But what are the strengths and weaknesses of mobile deployment models such as CYOD), COPE) and COBO)? And how do you choose what’s best for your organization?

In a webinar on Thursday, May 28th (2015), BlackBerry director of security Alex Manea will be examining all four mobile deployment models and looking at the pros and cons of each.

Webinar attendees will also receive a new 100-page e-book from BlackBerry: The Definitive Guide to Enterprise Mobile Security: Strategies and Tactics for Business and IT Decision-Makers.

Co-edited by Manea and BlackBerry blogger Eric Lai, the e-book offers comprehensive strategies and actionable tips for tech and business managers wrestling with how to manage and deploy devices in a secure, future-proof way.

The webcast will air on Thursday, May 28th at 11:00 AM EDT, and will include a live Q&A with Alex. Register for Alex’s webcast HERE. You can also register for these webinars hosted by BlackBerry security experts:

June 4th: The 8 Keys to Developing a Bullet-Proof Enterprise Mobility Management Strategy, hosted by Nader Henein

June 11th: How to Create a Secure, Boundary-less Enterprise with Mobile Containers and Enterprise File Sync and Share, hosted by Jay Barbour

You can also register and listen to these webinar recordings after they are broadcast.

About Alex Manea

Alex Manea is BlackBerry’s Chief Security Officer. As a founding member of BlackBerry Security, Alex has protected mobile, desktop and IoT devices, networks and infrastructure for over a decade. He is a Certified Software Security Lifecycle Professional and has an Honors degree in Systems Design Engineering from the University of Waterloo. In 2015, Alex starred on the hit TV show Canada’s Smartest Person, winning his episode with the highest score of the season.

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