Six Ways BlackBerry Blend is Your Productivity Life Saver


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iStock_000006921465_MediumPicture this: You’re at home late one night, putting the final touches on a brilliant presentation that you are certain will wow your boss. Having skipped dinner, your stomach groans for sustenance. Confident with the progress on your near-completed masterpiece, you get up to raid the kitchen.

As you return with a mammoth hero sandwich, you notice your kid sitting at your desk, pretending to be you at work. He’s way too young to know how to use your mouse and keyboard, you think to yourself. Then you realize: He really IS way too young to use that! You dash to his side but it’s too late – somehow your presentation is deleted and the recycling bin emptied!

But what about the prior version that you happened to have downloaded onto your BlackBerry smartphone? Unfortunately, it’s sitting on your desk in your office which is now closed. You don’t need…

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