You Don’t Need Multiple Devices to Keep Work and Home Life Separate


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Steve Wozniak once confessed that he carried seven smartphones and two tablets when traveling. The Apple co-founder may be a gadget superfan, but there are many others of us carrying around as many gadgets as Batman. The Wall Street Journal reported last year that the average household owns 6.5 internet-connected devices, up 16 percent from the previous year. Short-term convenience still too often rules. Why go to another room to go online when your smartphone is sitting on the couch with you? Here are some other reasons why you may be toting around too many devices:

  • Accessibility: Social networks and websites may be blocked by an organization, if using a corporate-issued device.
  • Comfort: Sometimes a bigger screen and keyboard offers a better view.
  • Activity: In a survey conducted by Facebook and GfK, people are three times more likely to use a smartphone than a tablet on public transit and 10 times more likely than their laptop.
  • Privacy: Employees try to keep work life and home life distinctly separate, despite the growing trend of taking work home. Unlike workers that have embraced BYOD (whether or not the company has rolled it out securely), they keep a personal phone for their personal use and a work issued/paid device strictly for work.

For this short-term convenience, you may be giving up longer-term simplicity and productivity, though. If devices are from different manufacturers, they may not have the same charging/USB cable, making for more time on cable management (and investment). Maintaining a secondary line also means paying for a monthly plan; another added expense. If you rely on audio tones to differentiate your notifications, that’s additional sound cues to keep track of. Eventually, due to device juggling (and unexpectedness of work) a business contact may bleed over onto the address book of a personal phone and vice-versa. The more you have to carry with you, the more likely you are to forget something. There are those in the mobile world who say that we are in the throes of device overload.

Currently, some are standing on a fine line, between work life and home life, without a proper, affordable and less complicated solution to lean on. BlackBerry Balance technology allows users to create two profiles for the same BlackBerry smartphone; one for personal use and the other for work- related use – both with their own permissions for data and applications. Paired with BES12 and BlackBerry 10 smartphones, BlackBerry Balance helps to keep personal data remains private from your organization, while company data (such as access to an intranet, email and documents) remains secure. As far as data usage goes, it’s essentially two mobile devices.

BlackBerry’s Secure Work Space for iOS and Android is another option to keep personal content distinctly separate from work content on iOS and Android smartphones and tablets, without compromising ease-of-use. Managed applications, including apps that are enterprise built and securely deployed through Secure Work Space are able to access data that is behind the firewall through secure connectivity.

In addition to the above options, the BES12 EMM platform will soon support Work and Personal space separation on Samsung KNOX devices and we’re working with Google to support Android for Work.

Maintaining a work/life balance isn’t about performing a juggling act with numerous mobile devices, it’s about having the proper solution in place to balance it all from one device. The BlackBerry Passport is one such device that truly supports the “work wide” lifestyle; especially when properly managed. The large square touch screen gives users the most productive, visual landscape to work with. Coupled with a physical touch keyboard, the BlackBerry Passport is the gateway to managing both work and home with unequalled ease.

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