Q&A: See Why this BlackBerry-Loving Pilot Always Travels with Two Passports



In a field as demanding as aviation, an all-in-one gadget that can help pilots while in the air is worth its weight in gold. In the field of geophysics, it is essential users have a device that is mobile as possible with a wide variety of features that enable them to contact important clients on the go.

That’s why Maxime Salman, a Geophysicist and Pilot, chooses the BlackBerry Passport. The Passport’s GPS-enabled mapping capabilities help Max fly to and from sites where he searches for commodities such as precious metals. Max also needed a device that doesn’t stop at the border or in harsh conditions.

Maxwell: How does the BlackBerry Passport help you on the job?

Salman: Even when I’m not on a project, I can still communicate with potential employers, contacts and clients – it’s so easy with the keyboard. I’ve owned a Q10, a Classic and now a Passport. I can be anywhere, and never have to open up my laptop. Sometimes I look at my laptop then at my BlackBerry and I say to myself I’m going to use the Passport because it’s easy and fast. It’s a turn-it-on-and-go device.

Maxwell: What features do you find crucial to air travel?

Salman: I would say that the battery life and display are paramount in the air. With my Passport I can do a four hour flight easy on a single charge. The (1,440×1,440) display is beautiful and enables me to see very clearly. The colors are great and stand out very nicely which is great for flying. I use a free Android app for my GPS which runs very smoothly and was easy to install.

Maxwell: What are your thoughts about the Passport keyboard?

Salman: At first I was wary of the keyboard, but within 5 minutes of using the device I got very used to it. I think now I’ve become faster on the Passport keyboard at times than my previous devices. The BlackBerry 10 OS gestures are phenomenal, too.

Maxwell: What devices have you had previously? How do they stack against the Passport?

Salman: I’ve had a Q10, Z10, Z30, Classic and now the Passport. What I love about the Passport is that it shows me where and how I need to go with clarity. It is a high-fidelity device. There’s no fooling around.

A little story in regards to other devices: When I was working in Nunavut, Canada (Latitude 74) it was obviously really cold. My crew of 3 including myself were trying to take pictures of a polar bear. The captain of the plane had an iPhone – he attempted to take pictures to no avail. His device just wasn’t responding in the cold. My other crew member had an Android device which just shut down completely. At the time I had a Q10 and there I was taking pictures with ease! No problems whatsoever, just another instance that led me to become a BlackBerry fan.

Maxwell: What would you rate the Passport out of ten?

Salman: Um out of 10? Like 100! Every time I take my Passport out of my pocket I say to myself, this is going to do exactly what I need in the least amount of time with the utmost precision. Especially because of OS 10. You can navigate really fast! It lets me get my stuff done and there is no “fluff” about the device. At the end of the day, it is a great utility phone. From the Passport I’ve realized the potential BlackBerry has with its hardware – and wow – just mind blowing.


Maxwell: So can you tell me what you take with you in your flight bag?


1 – Aviation Document (pilot’s license)

2 – Pilot Log Book

3 – BlackBerry Passport

4 – Aviation Documents and Passport wallet

5 – Toronto VTA (Navigation map)

6 – Emergency hand warmers

7 – Noise Canceling Headset

‎8 – Knee board with flight computer, weather templates, and Toronto VNC (another navigation map)

9 – Flashlight

10 – Aviator Sunglasses (of course…)


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Tyler Maxwell works for BlackBerry in the enterprise sales communication team. In his free time he enjoys snowboarding and hiking.

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