Case Study: BlackBerry Passport and BBM Boost Productivity for Clinical Research Service Provider



axiom logoIn most fields, time is money. But for clinical research, time also means saved lives. The faster research is performed, the faster doctors can access cutting-edge treatment for their patients.

Axiom Real Time Metrics provides software and services to the medical research field that streamline data compilation. In order to get its solutions out there, Axiom needs to be swift – ensuring its clients are satisfied and informed about its products.

To do that, employees need devices with a multitude of features that allow for pure power. This begs the question – what do you do when you have a large fleet of devices and want to increase productivity while still maintaining a boundary between work and personal space? For Axiom, the answer was clear: switch your employees onto BlackBerry Passports and BBM.

blackberry-passport-assistant_blackphonePreviously loyal to Apple, Axiom employees suffered a drop in productivity and user satisfaction under the iPhone. “We were still having to get out our laptops to address any client issues, which was not only less productive, but was a concern from a work-life balance perspective,” explained Andrew Schachter, CEO and founder of Axiom.

Another feature Axiom found critical was battery life. As a company with over 200 offices worldwide, many employees travel widely. It’s absolutely paramount to have a phone that can keep up. BlackBerry Passport’s 30-hour battery life enabled users to access files 24/7 and travel longer on a single charge.

Axiom also chose the Passport for its wide 1,440 x 1,440 display and ergonomic keyboard that empowered users to rapidly respond to emails anywhere. Employees also began to use BBM widely for real-time communication.

“Now, there are times where I don’t even bother opening my laptop because I’m so efficient on my BlackBerry Passport,” said Schachter.

With a device as powerful as a personal computer in the palm of employees’ hands, no wonder Axiom reported a 10 to 20 percent increase in team productivity.

Learn about the other benefits of Axiom’s success from the full case study here. And check out our other customer case studies here.

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