How Can You Reduce Mobile Employee Screwups without Sacrificing their User Experience?


embarrassed employeeImagine: Your company is working on a brand new product that you hope will take the market by storm. You need to communicate with both internal colleagues and external partners about designs, features and marketing for the new product. This involves sharing confidential documents and files – lots of them – with people you know for a fact are downloading those files onto personal phones that aren’t being strongly managed by their employers’ IT department.

Problem is, if your employee accidentally or intentionally shares those files with outside parties, they could end up making their way to your blackmailers or competitors, the product could end up Dead. On. Arrival.

So how do you prevent data leakage, both on employees’ mobile devices, and once those documents and files are sent out in the wild? Containerization solutions such as BlackBerry’s Secure Work Space address the former by creating secure, separated personal and work spaces. This prevents employees from forwarding a confidential work attachment to someone in their personal email contacts, or uploading work files to their personal cloud storage accounts. This creates a more secure environment within a BYOD environment.

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Likewise, Enterprise File Share and Sync (EFSS) solutions such as BlackBerry’s recently-acquired Watchdox provides users with the confidence that they can share files securely with no chance that they will go beyond the designated colleagues.

Join us Thursday June 11th at 11 am ET for a live webinar to learn more about how containerization and EFSS works, as well as the way BlackBerry’s offerings can secure your company’s files and mobile device workspaces.

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How to Create a Secure, Boundary-less Enterprise with Mobile Containers and Enterprise File Sync and Share will be hosted by Jay Barbour, a security director here at BlackBerry.

Luckily, if you are unable to attend the live webinar, you can sign up and get a link to the recording of the presentation to watch at your leisure. You should also be aware that by signing up you will receive automatic access to download a free, 100 page e-book from BlackBerry: The Definitive Guide to Enterprise Mobile Security: Strategies and Tactics for Business and IT Decision-Makers.

It’s a new resource that provides insight for easy deployment and management of mobile devices in a secure environment. Alternatively you can down the book now at

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