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This morning, BlackBerry CEO John Chen joined the “Partnering for Innovation: Healthcare in the Digital Age” keynote discussion at an event commemorating the launch of Phase Two of the Mackenzie Health Innovation Unit. John joined Altaf Stationwala, President and CEO of Mackenzie Health, to discuss the role mobility can play in providing better patient experience and patient outcomes for healthcare providers. They also talked about the importance of security and privacy as healthcare organizations shift to connecting medical devices, also known as the Internet of Healthcare Things (IoHT).

BlackBerry is proud to be a part of this discussion and support the Innovation Unit project. The Innovation Unit at Mackenzie Richmond Hill Hospital is where Mackenzie Health tests new innovations and technology in a live environment with real doctors, nurses and patients. The goal is to create a smart hospital environment where everyone can quickly see where staff are within the Unit, anticipate and respond to patient needs, and route information to the care providers that need it in a quick and efficient way.

Phase One of the Innovation Unit project involved the installation of smart beds and sensors so data and alerts can be generated to facilitate patient care and track compliance on items such as hand hygiene. Phase Two of the project consolidates all of the notifications and alerts from these sensors into an application from ThoughtWire that will push the notifications over a Cisco wireless network to nurses on their BlackBerry 10 smartphones. The ThoughtWire solution ensures that the alert is going to the right care provider. For instance, if a patient in room 101 is calling their nurse, the request is routed to the nurse overseeing their care. This reduces a problem that’s all too common in hospitals, known as “alert fatigue.” Alert fatigue occurs when all the alerts go to all patient staff, regardless if they are responsible for responding. Intelligent alerts enable nurses to focus on their patients and only respond to the alerts that are relevant to them. This allows them to spend more time at patients’ bedsides and ultimately provides a better patient experience.

BES12 is the secure platform that Mackenzie Health is using to deploy the ThoughtWire application to BlackBerry 10 smartphones, as well as to manage the smartphones themselves. They chose BES12 to make sure that they are able to comply with the strict privacy and confidentiality regulations all healthcare organizations must comply with, without sacrificing the productivity of the staff.

Check out this video that was presented at the event, and find out more in this press release that talks about the project in more detail. Let us know what you think in the comments!

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