Security Tech Entrepreneur Demonstrates: People Who Know Security Use BlackBerry


Hernan Matute and BlackBerry Z10People who make it their business to be productive — securely — are some of the most loyal BlackBerry users. Barack Obama. Angela Merkel. And, Hernan Matute.

OK, Hernan isn’t a world leader. But, as founder and CEO of Ottawa-based Cyphercor, Hernan spends his days thinking about how to improve cybersecurity. His company’s signature product, LoginTC, is a cloud-based and mobile app solution that provides multifactor authentication to protect networks, software, data and anything else that requires online access.

Given his expertise, it’s no surprise that Hernan is a loyal BlackBerry user. In fact, he started with one of the very first BlackBerry devices, a “pure email system” that he used in the late 1990s. “I used it every day,” he says, “that was my email system when I was remote.”

Today, Hernan uses a BlackBerry Z10. “This is my tool — my business tool that I use every day,” he says. Business for Henan includes email and phone calls, of course, but it also involves logging remotely into his company’s secure internal systems.

Thanks to the combination of LoginTC and his BlackBerry 10 smartphone, Hernan can “access all the applications we have internally. That is an amazing tool for me. I can go through our report systems; I can go through out sales systems, wherever I am, securely, all through my BlackBerry.”

LoginTC_550Thanks to BlackBerry’s focus on security, the first LoginTC app was built for the BlackBerry platform. Cyphercor has since expanded to include other mobile platforms and, through LoginTC Chrome, desktop applications as well. But, the reaction of BlackBerry users has made an impression on Hernan.

“We released a native app for LoginTC on the BlackBerry 10 platform. The reaction was unbelievable. That tells me there is still a very strong and loyal community of BlackBerry users.”

It’s a group of users who value security and productivity — and appreciate the thoughtful touches on the BlackBerry 10 platform. For Hernan, it’s the excellence of the multiple language support for the BlackBerry virtual keyboard.

“From time to time, I receive messages from Latin America. I change my language to Spanish and start typing and the keyboard seamlessly autocorrects in Spanish, which is great.”

From world leaders to security entrepreneurs — when busy people need to stay productive anytime, anywhere, while maintaining data security, they turn to BlackBerry. Here are some profiles of techies like Matute who choose BlackBerry devices. For BlackBerry Passport, they include a serial tech entrepreneurIT consultantsoftware engineertech journalistsoftware managercorporate IT manager, millennial startup founder, and this IT Solutions provider CEO. For the Classic, they include an app developer, this high-tech CTO, and this digital marketing agency CEO.


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