The 8 Keys to Developing a Bullet-Proof EMM Strategy


What’s the cost of a data breach today? According to a study last week by security researchers Ponemon Institute (sponsored by IBM), it’s $3.8 million, up 10% from a year ago. Just more proof that we live in an age of hackers, breaches and leaks. Firms globally need to secure terabytes of information – and they have to do it securely or it’s going to cost them.

This includes not just core databases, but every endpoint, including mobile devices. The latter were exploited by cybergang Carbanak, who stole 1 billion dollars from 100 banks over the last two years.

Preventing attacks would be much easier if we could manage all of our devices from one intuitive and secure platform. That requires a good EMM platform (BES12) and the right strategy; together, they can lock down employee phones and prevent breaches before they occur.

The eight keys to the right strategy for security-conscious organizations is what Nader Henein, Director of Security Advisory Services at BlackBerry, will share at a live webinar event this Thursday June 4 at 11 AM EST.

Developing an EMM Strategy for WP

One tip Henein will share: a comprehensive EMM platform is better than trying to glue together many products together. BES12 works with companies that have different groups of employees managed via BYOD, COPE, and COBO polices all in one place.

There will be a Q and A section at the end of the presentation where Nader will answer your questions both on strategy as well as what BES12 and other software can do for you. You can expect to learn: the strengths of a bulletproof security solution, how BlackBerry will adapt their solution to fit the needs of the customer and what the competitors aren’t doing that we are.

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If you can’t make this Thursday’s webinar, you can always sign up and get a link to the recording – and the slides – which you can browse at your convenience.

Don’t leave your enterprise vulnerable to malicious online attacks: register here and find out all the ways you can protect your sensitive data and manage your devices in one place.

You’ll also get automatic access to download a free, new 100-page e-book from BlackBerry: The Definitive Guide to Enterprise Mobile Security: Strategies and Tactics for Business and IT Decision-Makers.

This brand new resource will give you comprehensive strategies and actionable tips to help you deploy and manage mobile devices in a secure environment. (Or go straight to download the book at

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