Vendor Consolidation 101: Save Your Business Time and Money


Time and money
It’s not your fault that your vendor relationships are overly complicated, but you have the power to streamline this in order to save time and money. It’s not rocket science and the process will help you better understand your operations and the value your business partners bring to your companies.

Streamlining your business model can help you find economies of scale that you’ve never identified before. If someone says, “We’ve always done it like this,” chances are you are missing opportunities to save money and become more efficient. If your vendors and service providers aren’t fully invested in your success, they are more of a hindrance than a partner for growth.

Why a Complex Vendor Model is a Problem

  • Your contacts at your various vendors change frequently so that no one really understands your strategic goals and how all of your platforms and devices work together
  • Your mobile architecture is mission-critical to your future, but vendors with point products don’t see your technology with a holistic vision
  • Getting a business partner to take ownership of service and support problems can be problematic if they are not fully dedicated to your success
  • Complicated licensing costs and various models for pricing, discounts, and time spans makes budgeting for your various vendors’ services and support impossible
  • Financial headaches that come with a bloated accounting process – payment terms, agreements, NDAs, and more that span multiple service providers
  • Your employees have iOS, Android, Microsoft Windows and BlackBerry mobile devices and you need a way to manage these diverse platforms from a single management console

Why you must solve it

  • Cost savings opportunities with bundling, volume discounts, and more go directly to your bottom line
  • A single point of contact who understands your business, your corporate culture and your technology roadmap can take ownership of a problem and not try to pass it off to another vendor
  • One source (and one contract) for comprehensive service and support
  • End-to-end infrastructure security reduces risks and prevents data breaches

Learn more by watching the Vendor Consolidation 101 webcast

We’ve built a webcast dedicated to helping you learn about the benefits of consolidating vendors – and what to look out for. You’ll see, and just might relate to, an example business and how its structure can improve when it comes to technology platforms and collaboration services.

vendor webcast

Spoiler alert: The company saves more than five figures while seeing some serious boosts to productivity and ease of collaboration.

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