BBM Meetings’ Mac Outlook Plug-In Now Available; Expanded Multi-OS Support with iPad App and Feature Enhancements


BBM Meetings offers business users a new way to work smarter and be more productive from any Android, iPhone, BlackBerry 10 smartphone or Windows PC or Mac. It combines a mobile-optimized user experience that allows on-the-go professionals to schedule, host and participate in meetings anywhere you have an Internet connection. It provides a powerful collaboration and conferencing tool at a fraction of the cost of other leading solutions.

Starting today, BBM Meetings continues to expand multi-OS support with some exciting new features and enhancements:

Microsoft Outlook Plug-in for Mac:
The Microsoft Outlook Plug-in for Mac is now available. This new feature enables you to directly add a BBM Meeting as seamlessly from your Mac desktop as you already do from your mobile device. Similar to the Microsoft Outlook Plug-in for Windows PC, accessing the Plug-in for Mac is simple.

How to Install the Plug-in:
There are two options to install the Microsoft Outlook Plug-in for Mac.
* Note: You must already have BBM Meetings installed and be enabled to host BBM Meetings. Users will be automatically prompted to upgrade to the latest BBM Meetings desktop client version at release. Users are required to install this version to access the Microsoft Outlook Plug-in for Mac capabilities.

Option 1: You may see an option to upgrade when you are joining or logging into BBM Meetings from your desktop. When joining a meeting, you can click the embedded link in the Join Meeting Page of BBM Meetings (see screenshot below). You may also be prompted to upgrade when you log into BBM Meetings from your desktop.

join bbm meeting


Option 2: Visit the BlackBerry Enterprise Software Download Site here. Click the drop-down menu and select BBM Meetings Plugin for Microsoft Outlook, then select “for Mac”.

Microsoft Outlook Plugin for Mac

Once installed, you should see the following buttons in your Outlook “Home” ribbon:

outlook home

Starting a BBM Meeting from Microsoft Outlook is simple:

  • To Start an instant BBM Meeting, click the Video Recorder icon in the “Home” ribbon
  • To Schedule a BBM Meeting, click the Calendar icon in the “Home” ribbon
  • To Add a BBM Meeting to a meeting you are scheduling, click Add BBM Meeting and follow the instructions.

When starting, scheduling, and adding a BBM Meeting, you have the option to change settings to your preference – such as turning video feed on and off or enabling a password. It’s just like starting a meeting from the BBM Meetings application.

meeting 3

meeting 2

meeting 1

Support for iPad:

In addition to the Microsoft Outlook Plug-in for Mac, BBM Meetings now offers an optimized mobile collaboration experience for iPad users. With the full-featured collaboration experience you’ve come to love on your mobile devices and desktop, BBM Meetings for iPad also includes the whiteboarding feature for those times when you need to express your ideas visually or amplify a brainstorming session. With BBM Meetings, you aren’t limited when on you’re on the go!

BBM Meetings for iPad app experience:

meetings ipad

BBM Meetings for iPad whiteboarding experience:

meetings whiteboard

Enhanced User Experience:

enhanced userThe BBM Meetings Team also continues to enhance the mobile collaboration experience based on customer feedback. Now BBM Meetings offers customizable settings for the ‘Auto-Join’ feature – where a scheduled BBM Meeting will call you at meeting time – enabling users to set their preferences for the experience with a simple toggle on and off. Running late? Now you can choose to send instant notifications to all participants in the meeting at the click of a button.

Ready to trial BBM Meetings in your organization today? Let’s get started!

For existing BBM Meetings users, this update has started rolling out today, and may take up to a couple of days to be pushed to your device.

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