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pic1Written by: Ed Bourne

BlackBerry Enterprise Service 12.2 (BES12.2) includes a number of new features with some interesting opportunities for Enterprise Developers.  Here are some developer notes on the items outlined in an earlier post.

The BES12 client on GooglePlay and Apple App Store has been updated to support the new features in BES12.2.

BlackBerry 10 and iOS both have Simple Certificate Enrollment Protocol (SCEP) clients that allow your BES to deploy certificates centrally using the SCEP protocol.   Android currently has no SCEP client.  Starting with the latest update to both the BES12 client and BES12.2, certificates can now be distributed to Android Secure Workspace (SWS), Android for Work (AfW) and Samsung KNOX.

Android for Work (AfW)
Starting with Android 5.1 (Lollipop MR1) you can now activate an Android for Work solution on your phone with BES12.2.  AfW does NOT require app wrapping. Almost any existing .apk file…

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