Case Study: Indian Hospital Broadens Care Access & Slashes IT Costs by 80% with BlackBerry Smartphones and Software

Case Study

Hiranandani - hospital
When you think of rural India, cutting-edge mobile technology is probably not the first thing that pops into your mind. Neither is easy access to good healthcare. The infrastructure in India’s countryside is not conducive to travel or communication for doctors. Connecting video-enabled laptops to landlines unfortunately remains the solution for many remote physicians. It’s clunky, and not exactly mobile.

Hiranadani_main 1- doctors“We had to find a way to enable our medical professionals to remotely monitor patients’ health and provide quality care from a distance,” said Dr. Pavan Kumar, Consultant Cardiac Surgeon and Head of the Telemedicine Center at Hiranandani Hospital. This Mumbai hospital was able to solve its issues with remote access and mobility by using BlackBerry 10 devices in conjunction with BBM video, BES management and an app created in partnership with BlackBerry India and UST Global.

The mobile telemedicine app leverages BBM’s videoconferencing capability to enable doctors ensconced in their offices at Hiranandani Hospital to communicate and consult with rural patients. The patient can rest assured knowing that all confidential communications to doctors remain private with BlackBerry’s award-winning security and management solution, BES.

By using BlackBerry 10 devices and BES, Hiranandani Hospital was able to successfully reduce IT infrastructure costs by 80% (compared to landlines and desktops). Doctors are able to monitor patients remotely and reduce the amount of time spent traveling, which saves resources and maybe even lives. For instance, doctors can keep track of patients fresh out of surgery and get answers in real time.

To read the full case study on Hiranandani Hospital click here. Hiranandani is one of a growing number of healthcare organizations using BlackBerry. Read about Revera Home Health’s use of BES12, Chatham-Kent Health Alliance’s reduction of wait times, this Ontario hospital chain’s use of BES12, and other healthcare stories. To find out more on how BlackBerry serves its many enterprise clients, you can click here to read more case studies.

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