Case Study: How BES12 Helps This Logistics Technology Company Integrate New Acquisitions


Making acquisitions generally indicates growth and change for an organization. It can be very exciting and lucrative. But, how does the IT department feel about it? With new acquisitions come new systems to bring into the fold – which can bring a myriad of challenges for the IT team. The Descartes Systems Group Inc. (Descartes), a leading global company in logistics technology, is a company that is currently growing organically as well as by acquiring new companies under their umbrella.

BES12 helps shipping technology provider Descartes Systems Group” manage iOS, Android and BlackBerry devices.

BES12 helps shipping technology provider Descartes Systems Group manage its employees’ iOS, Android and BlackBerry devices.

While Descartes has been using BlackBerry from early on, the companies they acquired were not necessarily standardized on BlackBerry. “Many used iOS or Android devices, most with no mobile device management,” explained Calvin Fujita, Team Lead, Implementations and Maintenance Services, Descartes.

Today, Descartes supports a diverse mix of COPE and BYOD devices in their environment. Ensuring that all of these devices are secured is a priority. “From my perspective, it’s vital that we protect company IP,” said Fujita. “The ability to easily manage and wipe any device if needed is critical.”

Descartes chose BES12 as their EMM platform to help them manage their multi-OS environment. Since their mobile environment consists of iOS, Android and BlackBerry devices, they wanted the flexibility, convenience and security that only BES12 can provide.

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“Prior to BES12 we had to go through three different interfaces to manage our devices. BES12 brings it all together for us,” Fujita said. “BES12 meets my team’s requirements on security, management and ease of use for IT. The migration to BES12 was incredibly painless, and the user interface is far more user-friendly.”

Descartes is just one of many organizations using BES12 to manage their complex mobile environment. Read about how this hospital uses BES12 to securely manage its BYOD environment, and how Morea Architects relies on BlackBerry’s cloud-based EMM solution, BES12 Cloud, to manage devices from a variety of platforms.

To learn more about Descartes’ success with BES12, check out the full case study here. And, check out our full library of case studies here.

Is your company making acquisitions? How do you manage the introduction of new IT systems into your environment? Let us know in the comments below.

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