How this Smart Hospital is Working Secure with BlackBerry [Pictures, Video]



Following up on our well-received story of Duff McKagan, the rock star-turned-renaissance-man who works creatively with BlackBerry, here’s the story of forward-thinking Canadian hospital group, Mackenzie Health.

Eagle-eyed readers of the BlackBerry blogs will have seen us talk about Mackenzie Health before, or heard their Executive Vice President and Chief Administrative Officer, Richard Tam, speak about how Mackenzie Health is deploying both BlackBerry 10 devices including the PassportClassic and Z10, as well as BYOD-enabling enterprise mobility management software such as BES12.


“We have employees that deal with highly-sensitive patient information so we need devices that are not just powerful but extremely secure,” said Tam in a video interview last month. Besides satisfying that requirement, the Classic has become popular for its keyboard, while Mackenzie Health’s doctors enjoy the large 1,440×1,440 screen for viewing 3-D images, continued Tam.

Meanwhile, BES12’s multi-OS support lets Mackenzie Health manage and secure any other devices the staff bring in, from iOS, Android to Windows Mobile devices.

“How do we enable healthcare providers to do their job the most efficient way?” Tam said. “The best way to accomplish this is to build a smart system that can work on devices of all shapes and sizes.”


For the video that is part of our “Work Your Way” campaign, we also interviewed Dr. Aviv Gladman (above), Chief Medical Information Officer at Mackenzie Health.

“Hospitals are slow at adopting new technologies. That’s particularly true when it comes to communications between doctors, nurses and patients,” explained Gladman, as well as getting the right patient data to providers at the right time.

To solve this, Mackenzie Health has transformed one of its patient care units into an Innovation Unit where they have embedded Internet of Healthcare Things (IoHT) technology into common hospital items including hospital beds, staff badges and hand-washing stations.

03-Anderson_BB_MackenzieHealth_098They partnered with BlackBerry, Cisco® and ThoughtWire® to intelligently route IoHT data and alerts to BlackBerry smartphones carried by clinicians on the unit.

In phase two, Mackenzie Health is introducing smart and secure clinical alerting and messaging.

By utilizing contextual information such as location, task, and role to generate rules around communications processes, Mackenzie Health hopes to make communication faster and smarter, and empower doctors and nurses with better information in real-time for better care, says Gladman.


Watch the video below to learn more about how Mackenzie Health and BlackBerry are trying to bring the Internet of Healthcare Things to fruition:

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