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If you’ve been following the Inside BlackBerry Business Blog, you’ve heard at least a bit of talk about BES12 Cloud, a flexible, inexpensive, cloud-based deployment model for BlackBerry’s BES12 EMM solution. There’s also a pretty good chance you’ve at least a few questions about the platform. Today, we’re happy to announce that there’s a webinar you can watch to answer them all.

Hosted last Thursday by Senior Manager of Enterprise Marketing Phil Cheetham and Manager of Enterprise Product Management Mark Swanson, “BES12 Cloud: The complete, multi-OS EMM solution by BlackBerry” provides a comprehensive overview of both the process of cloud adoption and the advantages offered by BES12 Cloud.

Webinar viewers first learn how cloud computing has transformed the enterprise, including why businesses turn to the cloud, the challenges they experience in cloud adoption and how the cloud transforms them post-adoption. From there, the discussion shifts to cloud EMM specifically, offering a brief overview of how BES12 has evolved to keep pace with modern trends. That overview is used as a jump-off point to discuss several recent additions to the BES12 and BES12 Cloud platforms: support for Samsung KNOX, Android for Work and Apple’s Device Enrollment Program.

Swanson and Cheetham next move to an exploration of KNOX and Android for Work, along with BES12 Cloud’s licensing models and subscription-based pricing. The presentation concludes with a live demo of the EMM solution, tied off with a Q&A session. Here are a few excerpts from the Q&A; see below for links to the webinar and the slides:

Why would companies only want silver as opposed to gold licenses?

Swanson: It’s dependent on what an organization’s security and mobility policies look like. There are some companies that don’t even allow personal email on employee phones, while others are only looking for basic productivity enablement. In the case of the latter, either their employees don’t have access to protected information or they’re at a stage of the game where they’re considered low-risk. They just want to ensure employees who bring in phones have access to corporate assets like email, WiFi and business apps, but they don’t necessarily want or need to invest in higher-security controls such as containerization.

Do you need an Android KNOX license along with BES12 Cloud?

Swanson: No. As part of our agreement with Samsung and the close partnership, it is built in to our license. If you’re interested in taking advantage of KNOX MDM or workspace and the containerization that’s applied there, then all you need is the BES12 license. It’s very nice and simple.

Where can I find a security guide for BES12 Cloud similar to the admin guide for BES12?

Swanson: Documentation for BES12 Cloud is available on the BlackBerry Help Site, and includes a security guide and an admin guide. Note, however, that some elements in BES12 Cloud are the same as in BES12.

Other questions answered during the Q&A:

  • Is there any forecast for Android 6.0 Marshmallow support on BES12 Cloud?
  • Does BES12 Cloud support the uploading of third-party or custom applications?
  • What is Secure Connectivity? Is it available on BES12 Cloud?
  • What’s the status on support for Windows Phones?
  • Is there an option to upgrade BES10 or BES12 licenses to BES12 Cloud?
  • Will BES12 Cloud support legacy devices?

Interested in learning more? View the archived presentation or take a look at the Slideshare Deck.


You can also visit the official BES12 Cloud Page for a general overview of the platform and to sign up to our newsletter.

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