EnStream enables Scotiabank Customers on Bell Mobility and TELUS to Pay with their Smartphone



Scotiabank has selected BlackBerry-powered EnStream to power the secure payment capabilities on
its My Mobile Wallet app
. This enables Bell Mobility, and TELUS subscribers, including those of their associated brands, Virgin and Koodo, that are customers of Scotiabank, to use their NFC-enabled smartphones for pay-by-tap at their favorite stores and restaurants. Scotiabank is the fourth of Canada’s six largest financial institutions to choose EnStream to help provide convenient mobile payments.


EnStream offers a secure centralized credential management hub for major Canadian mobile operators including Bell Mobility, Rogers Wireless, TELUS, MTS, and SaskTel. In plain English, this provides a single point of contact for banks to store encrypted user account information directly on the SIM cards of customers, who can then access it through a mobile wallet app to make purchases.

It’s not just bank account details that can be stored, either – SIM cards provide secure storage capabilities for all types of highly sensitive credentials. With that in mind, EnStream will also enable other entities such as hospitals, bus operators, and subways to store ID cards and transit pass info on phone SIM cards. This will allow customers to not only pay with their phone, but also use it as a bus pass or entry card.

This is all made possible through two components of BlackBerry’s own infrastructure, which EnStream leverages to accomplish the following:

  • Manage customer credentials, connect SIM cards and phones to carrier’s customer information, and dynamically manage card data; and
  • Encrypts personal information and credit card information, ensuring it can safely be transmitted to mobile devices;.

Thanks to BlackBerry, EnStream can provide customers like Scotiabank with a fast reliable, and – most importantly – secure platform to manage everything from personal information to financial data.

About EnStream

EnStream is a Canadian success story, which has rapidly established itself as a leader in NFC mobile payments with end to end solutions connecting mobile network operators and financial institutions both technically and commercially.  A majority of Canadian MNOs and a majority of Canada’s largest financial institutions now rely in whole or in part on EnStream in offering their customers the ability to pay with their phones.  For more information, please visit www.EnStream.com.

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