Introducing: BlackBerry Audit and Archive Service (BAAS) & New Features for BBM Enterprise


This past summer, we announced features for BBM Enterprise (formerly known as BBM Protected) that put the control of corporate data exchange back in the hands of the IT administrator. BBM Enterprise, available for iPhone, Android and BlackBerry, provides simple IT policies, like the ability to remotely wipe BBM Enterprise activities, as well as the ability to manage content access, such as disabling BBM Channels.

Today, we’re introducing BlackBerry Audit and Archiving Service (BAAS) for BBM Enterprise, which is an on premise solution that delivers new archiving features that gives IT teams more control over the already secure, encrypted messages. BAAS ensures that secure communications can be stored behind an enterprise firewall and includes the archiving of:

  • 1:1 chats, multi-person chats and BBM Group chats
  • Message content
  • Message sender and message recipients
  • Time and date of when messages were sent

BAAS empowers organizations with the ability to monitor smartphone usage to ensure workers’ compliance with corporate policies, and allows organizations to meet regulatory compliance standards such as Dodd-Frank Act, Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLB), SEC, FINRA, FRCP, Sarbanes-Oxley and HIPAA.

What are the benefits of BAAS for BBM Enterprise?

BAAS for BBM Enterprise enables IT administrators, auditors and other authorized users within an organization to perform essential auditing functions. These can include regulatory searches, litigation holds, printing, forwarding, saving, redacting and the ability to export data with built-in eDiscovery tools. In one central location, BAAS can seamlessly archive BBM messages as well others such as social media, IM, and email, giving end-users access to their personal archive. In addition, BAAS allows other authorized users to access the entire archive through the Retain Web Access Archive Viewer.

BAAS for BBM Enterprise is simple to manage as an optional service integrated in the Enterprise Identity by BlackBerry Admin Console.

New Features for BBM Enterprise

Today we’re also introducing new features for BBM Enterprise benefiting both IT departments and their BBM Enterprise users. These new features include:

IT Admin Policy for Message Expiry
IT Administrators can now set a timer on messages sent within a BBM Enterprise chat. This increases the control an organization has over their employee’s messages. This feature is perfect for organizations such as healthcare providers who are looking to provide their employees with a way to communicate quickly but don’t want to compromise the security of patient information.

timed bbm

IT Admin Policy for Retract Messages
IT Administrators can now disable the retract message policy on their employees’ BBM Enterprise accounts. This new feature makes sure that conversations inside and outside an organization remain authentic, and also ensures that employees are complying with the set of rules set within an organization for the use of their enterprise messaging.

retract disable bbm

Screenshot Notifications.
With this last feature, users of BBM Enterprise will be notified when a screenshot of a chat has been taken. This feature prevents chat conversations being forwarded to other parties outside of an organization, which reduces and organization’s risk of corporate data leakage. This also provides another layer of security, allowing BBM Enterprise users to know when and who took a screenshot.

screenshot bbm

The new versions of BBM and BBM Enterprise are both available for download today.
To learn more about BAAS for BBM Enterprise click here.

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