Regulatory Fatigue? Digital Archiving Options that Won’t Keep You Up At Night



Archiving the Enterprise

Archiving of electronic communications and data is a vital component of any regulated organization’s compliance efforts, but it’s often easier said than done. Mounting, mercurial compliance requirements coupled with the data bloat brought about by the explosion of web 2.0 have led to a phenomenon known as regulatory fatigue within many firms. Simply put, there is too much data flowing in from too many sources – much of it useless ‘junk data’ – for businesses to effectively and efficiently manage it all.

Even so, this information needs to be archived and managed. Retention of digital records offers an array of benefits – far beyond avoidance of regulatory fines. For one, it gives employees access to a bank of critical data which they can use to enhance business insights and ensure continuity in business-client relationships. And it provides protection for both staff and firm in the event that a dissatisfied customer files a complaint or attempts litigation.
But what’s the best way to make it happen, without breaking the bank or flooding the data center?

By using the right archiving tool, a platform capable of the following:

  • Advanced search and indexing: Archived data is useless if it cannot be quickly pulled up in the event of an audit. For that reason, any archiving platform must be able to quickly and effectively index and locate conversations, records, and messages.
  • Removal of low-grade content: Not every conversation needs to be placed in an organization’s archives, and not all data requires regulatory compliance. Given that differentiating between the two can be incredibly difficult, an archiving solution must be capable of automating the selection process – or at the very least, simplifying it for administrators.
  • Unified archiving: Especially in regulated industries, information must be stored across an array of different mediums – email, social media, SMS, and chat, to name a few. An effective archiving platform must be capable of simultaneously pulling in data from all of these sources.

So, let’s sum this up. To address the challenges of modern compliance, you need a tool that unifies the archiving of all communications streams, assists in the selection of content that’s to be archived, and allows for extensive, flexible search and indexing.

That’s where BlackBerry partner GWAVA comes in.

Award-Winning Archiving: How GWAVA Retain Delivers “Best Overall Value”

A multiplatform, unified messaging archival, e-discovery, and publishing platform, GWAVA allows organizations to manage complexity and mitigate risk. It equips businesses to readily comply with regulations such as HIPAA, the Dodd-Frank Act, Sarbanes-Oxley, and Finra. And it’s available at a price that won’t break the bank, at one of the lowest TCOs of all archiving solutions on the market.

With GWAVA, businesses can create a central archive of all messaging formats, regardless of type or origin. Data is stored in an easily retrievable format, and can be catalogued with intuitive search and publishing tools. It’s also integrated with BES12, which provides comprehensive, multi-OS enterprise mobility management.

One of the major challenges facing enterprises is an increasingly mobile workforce that communicates via unsecure, unmanaged channels. By pairing BBM Enterprise (formerly known as BBM Protected) with GWAVA, this becomes a non-issue, and administrators are equipped with a secure, intuitive means of keeping employee messages secure and compliant.

The quality of the Retain Unified Archiving solution is such that it’s been officially recognized by the Info-Tech Research Group in this year’s Vendor Landscape Report, and given the awards of “Best Overall Value” and “Champion.”

“On a relative basis, GWAVA maintained the highest Info-Tech Value Score of the vendor group. Vendors were indexed against GWAVA’s performance to provide a complete, relative view of their product offerings,” explained John Sloan, Research Director at Info-Tech and chief analyst for the report. “GWAVA is the most complete product at its price point, and Retain provides a wide set of tools that protects information as well as extending discovery to social media, search and mobile devices. “

“It has the best value for highly regulated enterprises through best practices for financial and health care,” he adds.

Give GWAVA a Go

Firms operating in regulated industries are faced with a difficult challenge. On the one hand, data flows into and out of organizations in greater volumes than ever before, and on the other, the regulatory landscape (which can be heavily influenced by political positions and postures) is constantly changing.
All the while, ensuring compliance requires a secure, intuitive, and cost-effective unified platform. Find out more about GWAVA Retain, and read the full Vendor Landscape Report.

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