[Webinar Recap] How BES12 and Android for Work are Building a Better Enterprise


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It’s no secret that Android is the most popular mobile operating system on the market – as of Q2 2015, it holds a staggering 82.8% global share. That doesn’t mean it’s not without its problems, of course. Fragmentation continues to dog the platform, and the incredibly varied selection of different Android devices on the market present a significant obstacle to enterprise adoption.

It’s also the most frequently targeted mobile OS in the world, and 98% of malware is designed for Android.

These statistics are made all the more troubling by the fact that the role of mobile devices in data breaches is growing ever more prominent. Given that a staggering 74% of businesses lack mobile data breach protection, it’s clear that enterprises need a secure means by which they can implement Android. That’s where the partnership between BES12 and Android for Work comes in.

On October 15, BlackBerry and Google together ran a webinar about what this partnership means for business. Hosted by David Arnold, BlackBerry Senior Enterprise Solutions Manager, and Michael Wyatt, Google EMEA Head of Chrome and Android, the conference detailed the privacy and security advantages of the two solutions from both an administrative and end-user standpoint. Google’s Wyatt in particular had a great deal to say about the partnership.

“We were talking to a BlackBerry customer today, and we met the CIO, and he was really excited,” Wyatt explained. “He saw AFW/BES as a really good opportunity to extend mobility throughout the organization with BlackBerry’s services; [the pairing’s] a win-win for everybody, really.”

Android for Work is software from Google that lets IT managers create separate work and personal profiles on a user’s Android device for better data security. It allows the end user to switch seamlessly between profiles, and features a full suite of secure productivity apps specifically designed for the software. Paired with BES12, Blackberry’s enterprise mobility management platform, it grants administrators fine-grained, streamlined control of workplace applications and data.

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This is in addition to BES12’s other features – secure, behind-the-firewall connectivity, single-screen management of user devices, and visibility into an organization’s entire mobile infrastructure.

“I’m really thrilled that we’re partnering with BlackBerry, because I think that together it’s a really powerful, secure solution,” continued Wyatt. “You’ve got the Google Play App Store, secure storage/encryption, data leak protection, and we’ve now got a really nice way to manage Android out in the field in a really secure way. I think BlackBerry and Android for Work together are giving us what we should have had years ago, really – a nice, simple, secure, easy to deploy solution on pretty much any device.”

Google, Wyatt concluded, is in the mobility business for the long term. The company takes the mobile enterprise extremely seriously now and will be focusing a great deal of resources on further evolving and improving Android for Work. The input of partners such as BlackBerry will, he said, prove integral to this growth.

In addition to discussing the partnership itself, topics covered by the webinar include:

  • How Android for Work is designed to safeguard user privacy, and how BES12 further enables that.
  • The features of BES12, and how they interact with Android for Work.
  • How Secure Connect Plus fits in.
  • What makes BES12 the ideal solution for dealing with Android fragmentation.
  • Licensing details for BES12/Android for Work.

View the archived presentation here and see all of the other webinars we’re hosting at Enterprise Webcast Central.

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