How Motorola and AtHoc Are Teaming Up to be on the Fore of Next-Gen Mobile Intelligence


Engineer or construction worker using a smart phone to text or make a call at a construction site.

In fields such as public safety, a response-time lag of a few seconds can be the difference between life and death. That’s why mobility is so powerful a tool for public sector organizations. It’s also why Motorola Solutions Inc. has recently signed  a strategic partnership with AtHoc, a division of BlackBerry Limited., and a leading provider of secure, networked crisis communications.

“We’ve signed a global reseller agreement with Motorola Solutions, enabling them to sell AtHoc as a standalone product to their customers,” AtHoc’s Director of Alliances and Channel Sales Adrian Szwarcburg explained in an interview. “More interesting for customers will be how AtHoc is able to be bundled and integrated  into Motorola’s offerings, further strengthening their dominant position in the mobile intelligence space.”

AtHoc’s crisis communications system will become part of Motorola’s Next Generation Mobile Intelligence portfolio, a suite of solutions which together equip firefighters, police officers and other public safety workers with access to seamless communication networks, applications, and services; real-time information, and intuitive, durable devices.

In addition to improving response times and increasing visibility, Szwarcburg felt AtHoc and Motorola together could help improve efficiency outside times of crisis, as well.

“Doing business at the state and local level is extremely time-consuming, and you need to handle every agency individually,” said Szwarcburg. “Most don’t have the staff to do that, so a solution such as Motorola’s is a much better path forward – especially when integrated with AtHoc’s own platform.”

Learn more about AtHoc here. If you want to read more about Motorola’s next-generation mobile intelligence efforts, there’s also a white paper to download

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