What’s New in the Latest Release of WatchDox by BlackBerry?


iStock_000000121761_LargeThanks to mobility, the way we work has fundamentally changed. Today’s employees are all about being mobile – about being able to access and share corporate resources quickly and conveniently. Traditional security and access controls cannot provide them with that level of convenience whilst protecting sensitive documents.

That’s why you need a document control solution like WatchDox by BlackBerry.

A two-time visionary in Gartner’s EFSS Magic Quadrant, WatchDox by BlackBerry ensures that security stays with the file, so that you retain control wherever and however it’s shared beyond the perimeter of your enterprise. It’s distinct from other Enterprise File Sync and Share (EFSS) solutions in that it doesn’t simply provide at-rest and in-transit protection, but also allows you to exercise fine-grained control over where, how, and with whom your documents are shared.

More importantly, it does so in a way that doesn’t impede productivity. It’s designed for simplicity and ease of use above all else, while permission sets, activity tracking and watermarks make it easy to track the usage of your most important files. It gets better – this month, we’ve updated WatchDox to even further extend its security and enhance its usability.

Here’s the four major updates we’re bringing to the table:

  • Annotations for BlackBerry 10: The WatchDox app for BlackBerry 10 now offers users the ability to create, view, and share annotations (add a sticky note, circle or highlight an important area, etc.) on files, allowing better communication and collaboration.
  • German Language Support: Now available for all WatchDox interfaces.
  • Multiple Accounts and Custom Branding on Macs: Mac users will be delighted to be able to able to switch between WatchDox accounts in their sync folder, and businesses can (for a fee) customize the branding of the Mac app to include their own corporate logo.
  • Good-Enabled Mobile Apps: BlackBerry’s recent acquisition of Good Technology allows us to extend WatchDox support to the Good Dynamics EMM platform for Android and iOS, giving administrators access to enhanced security controls such as remote wipe and expanded restrictions on how files can be opened.

watchdox by blackberry logoEnhanced Usability: Finally, we’ve refreshed the WatchDox admin console, greatly simplifying the layout to improve both navigation and configuration.

As mobility becomes ever more prevalent within enterprise and users continue to work from their mobile devices, security perimeters will inevitably fade into the past. Traditional access controls do not enable the degree of productivity and convenience that modern employees demand. If you truly wish to enable your employees (and protect your sensitive files in the process) you need a powerful, intuitive document control solution – you need WatchDox, which is now better-equipped than ever to serve your organization.

To learn more about WatchDox, Visit www.blackberry.com/watchdox. You can also click here to learn more about BlackBerry’s Enterprise Product Portfolio.

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