What the Merger of BlackBerry and Good Technology Means for Enterprise Mobile Security and Management

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secure mobile devices at meetingEven before the ink was dry on BlackBerry’s acquisition of Good Technology, companies were watching to learn what this merger of two leading mobile security companies means for them.

In a webinar on November 19, BlackBerry and Good leaders showed off the integration that has already occurred, discussed the future roadmap, and talked about the ways enterprises will gain new abilities to manage and secure mobile devices, as well as a more robust mobile app platform and high-productivity user experience.

Mobility: the Delicate Balance

Consider that it wasn’t long ago that the only way people could access corporate data was from a computer in a company office. But those days are over, and now your data is on the move – on smartphones, tablets, wearables and laptops – with traveling executives, sales people, field workers, contractors and even clients and partners.

All this access comes at a price: security. Companies and IT departments are working hard to balance the benefits of mobility – greater productivity, happier workers, decreased costs and increased flexibility – with the risk that a lost or stolen device, malicious app, insider threat or other vulnerability may bring to the safety of corporate data and assets.

How Good Fits into the BlackBerry Family

Balancing security and productivityIn the webinar, Change is Good: How BlackBerry’s Acquisition of Good Technology will Revolutionize Mobility Management, Jeff Holleran, BlackBerry VP of Corporate Strategy, and Brian Reed, Good Technology Chief Mobility Officer, discussed the delicate balance between mobile security and user experience that today’s enterprises must maintain. Users demand the productivity gains that come from mobilizing collaboration and core business apps, while enterprises must ensure that users’ business data, devices and apps are continuously protected. The merger of BlackBerry and Good will make those things easier and better for organizations and users, they said.

Holleran emphasized that BlackBerry’s acquisition of Good is the latest move to support the security and software focus that executive chairman and CEO John Chen brought to the company when he joined two years ago. He reviewed BlackBerry’s other recent acquisitions, all centered on security as a core BlackBerry foundation:

  • SecuSMART secures voice calls made or received around the world with government-grade encryption and anti-eavesdropping technology.
  • Movirtu enables people to use multiple (e.g., work and personal) phone numbers on a single device, plus it secures company data so that access can be immediately revoked if necessary.
  • WatchDox offers secure file sharing by tying security to the data, not the device, so access can be granted or revoked instantly – even if a document has been saved to a USB drive or other storage device.
  • AtHoc facilitates crisis communication across organizations to deliver important notifications and check on workers’ safety in emergencies.
  • Among its other secure mobility solutions, Good Technology makes it quicker and easier for enterprises to build secure, custom apps. According to the thirteenth Good Mobility Index Report, more organizations are building cross-platform custom apps and “moving to the next stage of their mobility journeys,” and Good Powered by BlackBerry enables that movement.

These technologies, combined with BlackBerry’s BES12 Enterprise Mobility Management solution, deliver a complete, cross-platform, secure enterprise mobility solution, Holleran and Reed said.

BlackBerry and Good TechnologiesAnother benefit, they said, is that because all of these solutions are cross-platform they can be used independently to mesh with an organization’s existing software or hardware (including iOS, Android, Microsoft, smartphones, tablets, wearables, etc.) and more. For example, you can still use Good solutions with whatever MDM technology you’re using; you don’t have to switch to BES12. (And the same is true for any of these technologies.)

Holleran and Reed also discussed what existing BlackBerry and Good customers will gain from the acquisition. Other topics discussed in the webinar include:

  • Simplifying secure custom app development
  • Keeping IT from getting bogged down in platform management
  • Achieving maximum value throughout the mobile lifecycle
  • Using Good Work, Good’s application suite, to help people get more work done faster
  • Enabling anyone who needs to participate in mobile work – from employees to partners to contractors – to do so securely
  • Ensuring that mobile security also respects personal privacy

Ultimately, the best way to examine what the BlackBerry and Good integration mean for you is to take them for a test drive, Reed and Holleran said. Visit http://www.blackberry.com/BES12trial to try BES12, or http://www.good.com/freetrial to try Good Work.

View the archived presentation here and see all of the other webinars we’re hosting at Enterprise Webcast Central.

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