Why Hackers Want You to Keep Your Voice Communications Unprotected


Mobile security threatsFor most business users, making a phone call is as routine as having a morning cup of coffee. For IT and security professionals, any phone or voice communication made on a mobile device poses a significant security and business threat.

Another misconception is that smartphone and mobile device hacking is something that only happens in big-budget spy thrillers featuring high-tech stunts and a computer lab filled with evil foes.

Data theft goes from the big screen to the touchscreen

A 2014 Ponemon Institute survey of 618 IT and IT security practitioners revealed that 63% of respondents believed that data breaches involving mobile devices had occurred within their organizations.

According to a 2014 BlackBerry study of 800 IT and security professionals from around the world, nearly two-thirds of respondents reported that the number of data breaches resulting from mobile devices had increased in the previous year.

A majority, 66% of the professionals in the BlackBerry study, also said that it is difficult for their organizations to keep up with emerging mobile trends and security threats.

Let’s talk consequences…

A phone call on a mobile device may feel like a private exchange between two people, but for determined criminals it’s an opportunity for intercepting the information they are discussing. And with more and more conversations taking place away from the office, the types of information inadvertently exposed can be very sensitive.

  • SecuSUITE-ladyFinancial — Earnings results, forecasts and budgets
  • Mergers and acquisition — Partners, targets and purchase negotiations
  • Research and development — Roadmaps, intellectual property and architecture
  • Executive — Strategy, key decisions and planning
  • Sales — customer calls, RFQs/pricing and prospects
  • Legal documents — Litigation specifics and privileged, confidential information
  • Client/customer — Account status, personally identifiable information and financial transactions

Losing data is more than just a drama

In its report The Cost of Insecure Mobile Devices in the Workplace, the Ponemon Institute states the consequences of hacking go far beyond the physical loss of data. Depending on the nature of the information and the organization itself, the risks can include the following:

  • A damaged reputation
  • Business disruptions
  • Loss of business/customers/clients
  • Regulatory actions/lawsuits
  • Financial, time and other costs of recovery

The new SecuSUITE for Enterprise provides secure calling and text messaging on mobile devices, across multiple operating systems, including iOS, Android and BlackBerry 10.

You will also lose way more than street cred

According to the 2015 Cost of Data Breach Study, the average consolidated total cost of a data breach was $3.8 million USD, representing a 23% increase since 2013. The cost incurred for each lost or stolen record containing sensitive and confidential information also increased six percent from a consolidated average of $145 to $154 USD.

It’s a boom time for hackers and they’re ready for their close-ups

If it were up to the hackers, they wouldn’t have you change a thing. Your status quo is their time in the spotlight. Don’t let the bad guys win. Treat your mobile security policies and solutions with the respect they deserve and look into intuitive solutions, like SecuSUITE for Enterprise, that work across multiple platforms and carriers, providing end-to-end encryption and peace of mind for mobile voice communication. Read this blog to get an overview of SecuSUITE for Enterprise, which officially became available today, or check out the brochure or data sheet on our SlideShare channel.

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