How 5 Companies in 5 Industries Are Bolstering File Security With WatchDox


flying-documentsIn the past, we’ve discussed the unsafe file sharing tendencies of all but the most vigilant employees, and the challenges document sharing represents for industries such as healthcare and legal services.  Throughout, we’ve maintained that WatchDox by BlackBerry is the key to document security, offering a secure enterprise file sync and sharing platform that combines ease of use with industry-recognized security. Now, we’re putting our money where our mouth is with a new webinar.

Hosted by BlackBerry Director of Product Management for Enterprise Software Dan Auker, WatchDox by BlackBerry: Industry Use Cases for EFSS details how WatchDox offers advanced functionality in five key areas:

  • Security: Files are protected by end-to-end encryption while at rest, in transit, on server and on device, and businesses retain ownership of these files even outside the firewall. Through digital rights management technology, WatchDox lets you control and restrict whether a recipient can download, copy, edit or print a file with permissions that can either be set to expire automatically or manually revoked at any time.
  • Single pane of glass view: Whether stored on premises, in the cloud or both, users have a unified view of all files they’ve been given access to.
  • Mobility: WatchDox offers a true multiplatform solution with native clients for Windows, OS X, BB10, Android, iOS and the web. Documents and user privileges are seamlessly synced across platforms.
  • Tracking: Businesses retain control over files even when they are shared outside the organization. More importantly, they can track how, where and by whom each file has been accessed and used. This is particularly important for global organizations with wide supply chains or large fleets of contractors.
  • Authentication: Granular user management and a mix of authentication methods together make WatchDox compatible with even the most stringent regulatory guidelines.

whatiswatchdox“WatchDox makes it easy for normal people to securely manage, transfer and collaborate on sensitive files,” explains Auker. “And when we say it’s part of the Blackberry platform, we don’t just mean that it has a Blackberry logo on it. The WatchDox console is fully integrated with the BES admin console, and the WatchDox client is fully integrated into the Good Dynamics solution.”

Auker then dedicates the bulk of the webinar to describing how WatchDox is impacting five key industries: financial services and insurance, media and entertainment, government, healthcare and life sciences, and technology and manufacturing, driving home the solution’s value with customer success stories. Highlights include:

  • documentsecurityOne of the world’s largest private equity firms saved $1,500 per attendee at its conferences by using WatchDox to distribute conference materials. With over $205B of assets, this firm hosts 10 to 15 conferences per year with over 500 attendees at each. It also uses WatchDox to streamline its board meetings.
  • An American film and television production and distribution company protects scripts from leaking out and improves collaboration on films by managing its files through WatchDox, which is easily integrated into its current mobile platform. Before adopting WatchDox, the company would have to fly scripts out to its actors and keep the actors under guard while they read.
  • A government agency with over 600,000 employees and over 200,000 vehicles – the largest civilian vehicle fleet in the world – uses WatchDox to manage its employee application process, storing documents which include questionnaires, personal data and even fingerprints. Through WatchDox, this information is shared securely with internal human resources staff, and also externally with other agencies.
  • One of the largest healthcare operations in the United States uses WatchDox to manage medical applications and transfer patient records between clinicians. HIPAA is a major compliance hurdle for this organization, and a major selling point for WatchDox was the fact that doctors, nurses and other staff can easily access medical data on their mobile devices while remaining compliant.
  • The world’s leading innovator in athletic footwear, apparel, equipment and accessories uses WatchDox to secure its massive global supply chain, protecting documents that could be used by third parties to counterfeit its products, which could cost it tens of billions of dollars annually. Protecting every segment of its supply chain would be a logistical nightmare without WatchDox, which allows it to freely extend and revoke file access privileges.

The webinar concludes with a brief Q&A, which covers topics including:

  • The location of the WatchDox cloud servers and storage systems
  • The extent of WatchDox’s compatibility
  • How WatchDox handles the secure sharing of video files on mobile devices
  • User licensing
  • Integrating WatchDox with third-party systems
  • How user authentication in WatchDox works
  • Using WatchDox as your storage repository vs. connecting WatchDox to existing solutions like SharePoint, Documentum and OpenText

Interested in seeing how you might use WatchDox to enhance your own business operations? Learn more by watching the webinar recording. You can also visit the official WatchDox page or check out our WatchDox product demo for further information.

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