[Webinar Recap]: How BlackBerry’s Good Secure Suites Unleashes Worker Productivity and Corporate ROI

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With BlackBerry’s purchase of Good Technology in November, we became the single largest EMM provider on the market, with a 20% share according to IDC.  In the months since the acquisition, we’ve worked hard to integrate the powerful Good Dynamics Secure Mobility Platform into our own portfolio.

Good Secure EMM Suites is the end result of those efforts, a multi-tiered EMM solution which offers business-class productivity apps with gold-standard security for organizations at any point along the mobile maturity curve (pictured below).

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We’ve already touched briefly on each of the five suites: Secure Management, Secure Enterprise, Secure Collaboration, Secure Mobility, and Secure Content. Today, we’d like to offer a more comprehensive look with a recent webinar hosted by BlackBerry Senior Director of Product Marketing Jeff McGrath and BlackBerry Senior Director of Technical Solutions Todd Berger. Introducing Good Secure EMM Suites: A New Class of Mobile Productivity with Certified Security starts off with an explanation of the obstacles currently faced by businesses seeking to move up the mobile maturity curve – and how BlackBerry can help.

Smartphone In City Good Technology“What we’re seeing in the market is that many customers are in the EMM & Messaging stage, still at the beginning of their journey,” explains McGrath. “Employees are in the field, execs are always online, they live on their devices and all they really have is email. But employees want more with full mobile collaboration and access to business apps, while the business wants to take advantage of mobilization to accelerate business goals and maximize returns on its investment into mobility.”

And that’s where BlackBerry comes in. Through its acquisitions over the past several years, the company has, says McGrath, developed a true end-to-end software platform designed to help manage and secure all of a business’s mobile communications. BES12 forms the backbone of this platform, and Good Secure EMM Suites – which consists of BES12, WatchDox, and Good Dynamics and the Good secure app portfolio– is only the first step in BlackBerry’s plans for mobile enablement.

McGrath then hands the reins over to Berger for an in-depth demonstration of the Suites solution, including the functionality of BES12’s new integrated interface, advanced connection and policy controls, the new user workspace, and much more. After the demo, McGrath takes over again with an in-depth exploration of each suite, including components, functionality, position on the mobile maturity curve, pricing, deployment options, and the strong security certifications that back everything up.

“When you really think about these suites, we drive maximum value through your mobility lifecycle, as you move from email to horizontal collaboration, to mobilization of your existing business processes all the way through to 100% mobilization of your constituents – both employees and external users – to achieve full maturity and max ROI,” says McGrath. “All apps, whether third-party or custom built, are rolled out with complete data security and encryption – at rest, over the air, in use, and in between apps…we are the secure mobile app platform to grow and run your business on mobile.”

Cropped view of a young businessman wearing a smartwatch“Where this gets really interesting is when companies hit full maturity,” he continues. “Users are accessing apps and data on phones, tablets, PCs, even wearables, and they’re accessing applications behind the firewall, in public and private clouds, and leveraging personal clouds. Corporate files are everywhere. In this world of pervasive mobile computing, there is essentially no perimeter. File-level security and tracking becomes critical for IT to securely enable mobile business at scale.

The webinar concludes with a live Q&A session. Questions answered include:

  • How do current BlackBerry product licenses translate over to the subscription-based Good Secure EMM Suites model?
  • Do I need to choose either BES or Good Dynamics to manage my EMM Suite bundle?
  • Are the EMM suites available as a cloud service?
  • How is WatchDox integrated into the Good Secure Content Suite?
  • How do Good Work and Secure Work Space interact with one another?

Want to learn more about how Good Secure EMM Suites can benefit your business? View the archived presentation here, or check out our recently-updated CIO’s Guide to EMM. Be sure to also have a look at our live demo, Hands-on with Good Secure EMM Suites, and visit the Good Dynamics website to learn more about Good’s secure mobility platform.

Finally, if you’re interested in learning about the current EMM landscape, sign up for our upcoming webinar, Making Sense of the EMM Alphabet Soup – a detailed look at MDM, MAM & MCM on Tuesday, April 19, 2016 at 11:00 AM EDT.  


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