Stop Document Leaks and Insider Threats with WatchDox SharePoint Protector


Securing Files In PlaceThe recent IRS phishing scam and the Panama Papers leak have one key characteristic in common: they underscore the need for Enterprise File Synchronization and Sharing, regardless of industry. Employees aren’t going to stop circulating sensitive documents just because of the security risk, nor are phishing scams going away. And outright locking down corporate data is not an option – employees are remarkably crafty at breaking or circumventing obtuse security when their productivity is at stake.

Critical files will continue to proliferate across devices and perimeters. This is inevitable. To protect the interests of your organization, it’s necessary to implement strong security controls that follow documents wherever they go. WatchDox, a Leader in Forrester’s EFSS Wave report and a two-time Visionary in Gartner’s EFSS Magic Quadrant, offers just that – a secure, mobile file sharing solution that keeps your most sensitive files safe regardless of device, location, or user.

Securing Documents In Place

Many organizations, particularly larger enterprises, have already invested heavily in file repositories such as Microsoft SharePoint. Migrating the files contained in these repositories in order enable file sharing is unfeasible, and replicating them can drive storage costs through the roof. There needs to be a bridge to extend these business-critical tools to the world of mobility and external file sharing. And that’s where WatchDox’s Content Connector technology comes in.

In layman’s terms, a connector allows WatchDox to integrate with a file store like SharePoint. WatchDox offers connectors for SharePoint, Network File Stores and CMIS-compliant content management systems.  This allows an enterprise to bring its existing repositories into WatchDox’s unified user interface. Employees have full visibility into all the files that they’ve been given access to, while administrators have a birds-eye view of all the critical documents in their organization.

And all of this happens without requiring the migration or replication of files.

Protecting from Insider Threats

Document LeaksThe WatchDox SharePoint Protector (SPP) takes this relationship a step further, enabling administrators to layer WatchDox directly over the document repository. This allows us to protect the files in place and provide a simple interface for file sharing and security.  With SPP enabled, employees can no longer grab files directly from your repository –  they need to go through the WatchDox interface, where they’ll be subject to the file and user controls defined by the system administrator.

SharePoint Protector is designed to protect sensitive files from misuse by your own employees – they’re the only ones who will have access to your repositories, if your network security is working correctly. If a bad actor wants to pull a blueprint out of SharePoint and forward it to a competitor, SharePoint Protector will ensure that whoever receives it will have nothing more than an unreadable digital blob. Your intellectual property will be safe (and thanks to WatchDox’s logging functionality, you’ll be aware that one of your employees is a bad egg).

The reason this is possible is because of WatchDox’s powerful, easy-to-use Digital Rights Management (DRM) technology, which offers the following:

  • Granular File Controls: Administrators can control whether a user can access, view, edit, copy, print, down, or forward a sensitive file. These permissions can be changed at any time. Even if a thief manages to access a file, they might be prevented from copying or downloading it.
  • Expiration and Tracking: WatchDox allows administrators to track file access, revoking or wiping it at any time – even after the file has been downloaded or shared.
  • Customized Watermarks: Watermarks including details such as a user’s email or IP address acts as a considerable deterrent for bad actors. An employee likely to facilitate a theft if they know they’ll be caught.
  • Spotlight Viewer: Blurring the screen everywhere but where the mouse is hovering protects against theft via screen capturing.

Water leaking from bucket


Stopping Internal AND External Leaks is Essential

If you’ve ever watched a heist movie, you know that a plan’s success always requires a man on the inside. Even the most ironclad security measures can be undermined by a malicious insider, provided you’re unprepared. With WatchDox, you won’t be.

WatchDox’s powerful DRM controls and document-centric security ensure that even if your files end up in the hands of an external bad actor, they’re still protected.  Tools like SPP extend that protection even further, allowing you to protect your existing repositories. This ensures that even if there’s a malicious insider at your organization, your business-critical files are safe.

Think about what might happen if, in one of those heist movies, the target had the ability to burn their stolen money at any time.  Think about what might happen if a target could immediately lock down in the event of a theft. That’s what you get with WatchDox: the ability to dictate where, when, and how your most sensitive documents are used; the ability to fundamentally break the data theft model at the heart of the criminal enterprise.

Want to learn more about what WatchDox can do for you? Check out our webinar, WatchDox by BlackBerry: Industry Use Cases for EFSS or download the Forrester Wave report naming us a Leader in EFSS. You can also visit the official WatchDox page or view our WatchDox product demo for further information.

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