Latest Update to Good Secure EMM Suites Just Made the Market’s Most Flexible EMM Solution Even Better

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In November, BlackBerry acquired Good Technology to become the single largest EMM provider on the market. Since then, we’ve been hard at work integrating their offerings into our own portfolio. Good Secure EMM Suites was the fruit of our labor, a complete solution for all aspects of enterprise mobility management coupled with industry-leading, certified mobile security at the device, app, and data level.

Highly flexible and built for collaboration as well as security, the multi-tiered Suites offers something for businesses at every level of mobile maturity. By choosing the Suite that best fits your current mobility needs, your business can seamlessly grow into new mobile capabilities over time without disruption. And whichever you choose, you can rest assured that your organization will be empowered to not only optimize security, but also enhance productivity across the board.

Suites is already a leader in the EMM space, but no matter how formidable the solution, we recognize that there’s always room for improvement. That’s why this month, we’ve made several updates to Suites designed to improve usability for end users, administrators, and developers alike. Here are the major changes:

  • One Console to Rule Them All: BES12 is a core component of Suites, providing key mobile management features. Our update adds full interoperability to the BES/Good integration, allowing for single-console management of all users, apps, devices, and policies across the entire platform. (Read also about the 5 new features we announced in BES12 today.) Support for the AtHoc Crisis Communications solution has been added to Suites as well, also managed through the BES console.
  • Enhanced Access: We’ve completed the rollout of the Good Work web app for Windows and Mac through Good Access, and made secure web app rollouts easier for users. Employees can now use Good Access as a full VDI replacement, collaborating with one another and accessing corporate resources regardless of device.
  • Better Development on iOS: Good Dynamics applications can now be built exclusively with Apple’s Swift development language – there’s no longer a need to build ObjectiveC/Swift hybrid applications. We’ve also added improved support for the use of the Xamarin development language.
  • WatchDox Everywhere: WatchDox integration has been enhanced across Suites, with enhanced recognition and interception of sensitive documents. Coupled with the recent improvements to WatchDox, this means that your files are truly protected everywhere – no matter what you do with them.
  • Enhanced Authentication for Enterprise Identity: Mobile Zero Sign-On for KNOX, Android for Work, and BlackBerry 10 devices allows the unlocking of a mobile device or container to deliver automatic, security access to cloud services without requiring additional authentication. In addition, integration with Strong Authentication protects cloud services with two-factor security.

Other improvements include:

  • Enhancements to the handling of Public Key Infrastructure/PKI authentication.
  • Improved multitasking support on iOS for Good Work and Good Connect.
  • Better certificate sharing between Good Apps, ensuring a more consistent user experience.
  • Better attachment handling and general usability improvements in Good Work.

Businessman using cell phone in train stationAs mobility grows more pervasive throughout enterprise, employees are demanding more than basic messaging apps and email. The evolution to a fully mobilized organization isn’t an easy one, nor does it happen overnight. With Good Secure Suites, you can ensure that your move towards mobilization happens at your own pace – and that in the meantime, you’ve an EMM solution that delivers exactly what you need.

To learn more about what Good Secure Suites can do for your enterprise, you can view an archived version of our webinar Introducing Good Secure EMM Suites. You can also read The CIO’s Guide to Enterprise Mobility, check out the official Suites product page, or view a demo of Suites in Hands-on with Good Secure EMM Suites. Finally, if you’re interested in learning about the current EMM landscape, check out Making Sense of the EMM Alphabet Soup – a detailed look at MDM, MAM & MCM. Also, don’t miss the opportunity to see solutions in action, speak to mobility and security experts, and share ideas with like-minded colleagues at the BlackBerry Enterprise Mobility Forum live events in September.

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