How to Quickly Get Answers to Your BES12 Administration Questions


There is a lot of technical information out there for BES12 administrators, but did you know the easiest way to get answers to your technical questions might be right in the BES12 management console? Depending on the level of detail that you require, you have two options to get help information in the management console.

1. Hover Text for Quick Answers

Do you have a question about a field or setting? Simply hover over it for more information! For example, when you create an IT policy, you can hover over each of the IT policy settings for information on what the setting does and which devices it applies to.


2. Context-Sensitive Help for More Detailed Answers

Do you need more detailed information on how to complete a task, or do you need to learn more about a feature? You can click on the “Learn more” icon to be taken immediately to the related topic in BES12 help, where you will find details on what a feature is, why you would want to use it, and how to get it working.


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